Practical or Posh: Neutral Wool Color Block Coats

practical or posh colorblock coats

Color blocking is so 2013.  I’ve previously talked about color block purses, but new for fall 2013 is the idea using neutral colors to color block.  I like the inclusion of neutrals because they are much easier to wear and more subtly fit into a stylish wardrobe.

Both of these color block coats introduce neutral colors and play with blocking beige, and two shades of gray.  The dramatic price difference is because the Diane Von Furstenberg version features calf skin leather panels at the chest and lower arms, whereas, the J. Crew version is wool and polyimide.  Both coats are a modern way to add neutral color blocking to a fall coat collection.  If you are on the hunt for a new winter coat, I highly suggest you give neutral color blocking a try.


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