Happy New Year: Looking Forward to 2014

Posh in Progress 2013

A Posh Progress Report

I’m not really much for resolutions, but I do like thinking about the year that has been and the year to come, reminiscing about the highlights from 2013 and looking forward to the adventures that 2014 will bring.

2013 Highlights

Best of Posh in Progress 2013

1. Starting Posh In Progress

I’ve thought about writing a blog for many many years. I’ve thrown around the idea with some friends of mine, but just never pulled the trigger. With my husband’s support and help, I finally made it happen this year. Now only 7 months new, I’m proud that I’ve stuck with it and look forward to continually making the blog better in 2014.

Here are some of my favorite posts from 2013:

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  4. Apple Toffee and Walnut Blondies
  5. Rocco’s First Birthday

 2.  The Price Is Right

Come on Down

The LA-based UW-Wisconsin Alumni Chapter sponsored a group of Alumni to attend a taping of the Price is Right. My husband and I enthusiastically agreed to attend. Of the 300 or so audience members, my husband was selected as one of the first four contestants! He was the second player to win the bidding, so he got to play a game on stage. He won a trip to the Bahamas and even made it all the way to the final showcase showdown. He unfortunately lost the final showcase by $1000, but the entire day was an amazing emotional roller coaster and such a fun and unforgettable experience. Watching my husband on stage was so much fun and the level of joy and happiness I felt while he played the games is just something I can hardly describe. The best part, we have a trip to the Bahamas to look forward to in 2014.

3. Our New Apartment

We have moved a lot over the years, living in Phoenix, Kansas and now southern California. We were excited to find a great apartment that is within walking distance of my job where we feel comfortable and finally settled. The tree-lined streets and many community pools and parks make it a very family-friendly choice for our growing brood.

4. Rocco Meeting My Extended Family

Most of my extended family still live in Michigan and Wisconsin, which means I don’t get to visit as often as I would like. I try to travel back there every summer for a week, and this year I brought Rocco with me. Although I don’t recommend traveling with infants (see Babies on a Plane and Babies on a Plane 2). I’m very glad that Rocco got to meet my Grandpa, my last living Grandparent, and my aunts, uncles and cousins.

Looking forward to in 2014…

1. Meeting my daughter

New Year's Baby Strip

Some time in February, we will welcome our second child, a daughter this time. I can’t wait to meet her and look forward to cherishing all of her firsts and the quiet moments with her. I plan to take things a lot slower with her than I did with Rocco. I was so freaked out as a first time parent to Rocco, that I felt constantly stressed and worried about everything. I was so preoccupied with breastfeeding that I forgot to enjoy all the special moments with him as an infant. I won’t make the same mistake with my daughter.

2. Trip to the Bahamas

My husband and I never had a proper honeymoon, when we were married 7 years ago, so we were thrilled when he won an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas while on the Price is Right. Since we didn’t want to travel when our daughter was too young, we were able to push the trip back to September so she will be around 6 months when we leave (and I am grateful my mom has agreed to watch the kids). It’s so nice to have a trip to look forward to all year and even more exciting that I will have 6 months postpartum to get in excellent physical shape for the trip. I plan to rock a sexy swimsuit (and feel confident in it!) the entire time we are there.

3. Finishing my PHD

I plan to graduate in December with my PHD in Education. It is a long time coming, as I’ve been working on this degree longer than I’d like to admit. It has been very challenging balancing a full-time career, my family and school. I’ve realized along the way that the determination I’ve shown is what has made the difference. There were many reasons for me to quit, but I never gave up on the goal, even if it is taking longer than I had planned.

Thank you!

Here’s to an excellent 2014. Thank you for your readership and please let me know how I’m doing. I truly value your feedback so I can make the blog even better in 2014.

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