The Best Calming Dog Bed: Pet Wellness Month + KTLA Appearance

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October is Pet Wellness Month! For all the pet parents out there, I am doing a segment on KTLA to share some of the brand-new essentials from the Amazon-exclusive pet brand, Lesure. All of these products are intended to help pet parents create a safe and cozy space for their fur baby to rest, as an essential anti-anxiety step, including a popular calming dog bed and cat products too. 

Pet Anxiety

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Did you know many pets experience anxiety just like humans? Some signs of anxiety in pets include aggression, urinating or defecating in the house, drooling, panting, destructive behavior, depression, excessive barking, pacing, restlessness or repetitive behaviors.

There are three main reasons pets may experience anxiety: fear-related anxiety, separation anxiety, or age-related anxiety. Fear-related anxiety might be caused by loud noises, strange people or animals, different environments, or even different surfaces. Separation anxiety, which affects 14 percent of dogs, is caused when pets aren’t able to find comfort when they are left alone or away from family members. Finally, age-related anxiety affects older pets. Aging can affect their memory, learning, perception, or awareness, similar to Alzheimer’s in humans.

The environment you create for your pet can help them to feel more comfortable and less anxious. Here are some of the newest products that can help create a comfortable environment for your fur babies.

Anti-Anxiety Pet Products

Anti-Anxiety Cat Tent

  • The Zen Tent provides a mix of privacy and lush comfort
  • Removable felt walls for easy cleaning and storage
  • The soft yet durable cushion is built to last and can be easily removed for use as a sleeping pillow when it’s hot
  • Available Colors: Green, Grey, Camel

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Calming Pet Bed

  • The raised floral rim of this calming bed provides 360-degree support, gently enveloping your pet while helping to elevate their head and neck
  • The perfect place to curl up and lay down after a busy day of play
  • Available Colors: Pink, Green, Grey, Camel
  • Available Sizes: XS, S, M

calming dog bed 2

Calming Bed for Dogs

  • Easy in and easy out, Lesure’s U-Shaped Sofa accommodates dogs of all sizes and ages for the best sleep ever.
  • The waterproof lining protects the internal foam from stains and accidents.
  • The infused bamboo charcoal layer provides comfortable support while absorbing unpleasant odors for lasting freshness
  • Available Colors: Pink, Green, Grey, Camel
  • Available Sizes: M, L, XL

Squeaky Plush Pets

  • Filled with engaging crinkle paper and a squeaker, our soft chewable toy emits enticing sounds when pets bite, keeping your dog entertained for hours.
  • Helps reduce anxiety and boredom, release stress, prevent destructive behaviors and provide daily entertainment.
  • Made of natural cotton rope and corduroy, Lesure’s squeaky dog toy provides gentler dogs a safe and comfortable chewing experience.
  • Available Colors: Beige (Sheep), Grey (Pig), Yellow (Duck)

Dog Steps for Bed with Storage Condo

  • Designed with MDF for a wobble-free climbing experience
  • Gives smaller or senior pets easier access to harder-to-reach places, and the mattress-grade cushioning is easy on the paws
  • The built-in storage unit gives a convenient place to store treats, leashes, toys, and other pet supplies
  • Features a cave-like cozy den for pets with a soft plush cushion under the top stair
  • Available Colors: Brown or Taupe

2-in-1 Cat Scratching Post with Bed

  • 2-IN-1-DESIGN: This cute cat scratching post features 3 thick sisal posts for your feline friend to scratch energy away and a plush kitten bed for cozy naps
  • This cute cat scratching post also features 4 non-slip pads that increase that stability and also protect your floors
  • Equipped with two plush dangling balls that provide additional stimulation and play opportunities
  • The washable cat bed is removable, making the maintenance of this cat tower with kitty bed a breeze

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If you’re looking for other pet content, click here. If you have questions about any of the products I included in this post, please leave me a comment and I’d be happy to chat with you more about the calming dog bed or other pet products.



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