2 Reasons This Animal Print Shirt Made My Fall Fashion Cut

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I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with animal print. Honestly, it always makes me think of the older ladies on the Sopranos. It generally gives me – trying to be chic, but actually pretty trashy vibes. But every now and then I love to throw a new animal print piece into my wardrobe. But the thing is, it’s not a staple for me, it’s more of an every now and then thing. Although I know some people think animal print almost acts like a neutral, for me, it still toes the line of trashy vs. chic. I recently added this new animal print shirt into my collection, so I thought I’d talk about why this one made the cut and also share some of my favorite animal print shirts for fall.

{Stacey’s Look: Top; Pants; Heels (similar); Bag; Earrings}

animal print top 1
There are two main reasons why this animal print top made the cut for me. First, I absolutely love the neckline. The cut of the top is just so unique and different from anything I’ve seen in quite some time. I just think the ruched detailing is really interesting and definitely draws your eye upward. I chose to wear my hair up for this shoot specifically to draw attention to the neckline and make that the focal point.

animal print top 5
The other reason I absolutely love this animal print shirt is that the print, itself, is not so obvious. Yes, it does say animal print, but not in nearly as obvious of a way. Brown is a big color of the moment for fall, and I love how well brown and black go together for this look. A lot of people don’t think brown and black go together, but I actually think they pair so well together. Brown and black both function as neutrals, so definitely don’t worry about putting brown and black together.

As for styling this animal print shirt, I chose to wear it with fitted black cargo pants. I thought the juxtaposition of edgier pants with the top was a fun look. I also added gladiator-inspired heels that I think pair really well with the cargo pants. To finish the look, I threw my hair in a ponytail and added a vintage bag I love. 

Below are some of my favorite animal print blouses for women. If you’re looking for other fashion inspiration, click here.

Animal Print Tops for Women

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