How to Make This Cute DIY Halloween T-Shirt: Mickey Pumpkin

diy halloween t-shirt stacey freeman posh in progress
We’ve been having so much fun designing new Halloween gear using our new Cricut machine. Just last week, I posted about these cute skeleton shoes. I also shared this cute Vampire t-shirt too. We are heading back to Disneyland this weekend, so I thought it would be fun to try making a DIY Halloween t-shirt too.  

It is so simple to make custom shirts using the Cricut machines. For this particular shirt, I just uploaded the image I wanted right to the Cricut app. From there, you can size it to any size that you want.  This is where I found the Mickey Pumpkin image. I downloaded the image to use for the Mickey Halloween t-shirt. Once I had the image on my phone, I just uploaded it to the app and then resized it. I determined the size of the image based on the shirt. For this shirt, I just chose a plain black t-shirt. Using a measuring tape, I decided on the general width and length I wanted. 

Once you have your image ready, its so easy to load and print right through the Cricut app to make this DIY Halloween t-shirt. I used this material to print the image. I find it the easiest material to work with because you don’t have to worry about a mat or transfer paper. Once the image was printed, then I used my weeder to remove the excess material. Next, I used my easy press to adhere the graphic to the t-shirt. Just make sure the backing is cool before you remove it. If you find the graphic didn’t iron-on perfectly for some reason, you will want to flip the shirt over and iron both sides of the shirt again to make sure it’s attached completely.

That’s it! It’s so simple to make your own DIY Halloween t-shirt at home. If you’re looking for other Halloween content, click here.

Cricut provided some of the materials used to create this custom Mickey t-shirt. All opinions are my own.


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