Here are the Benefits of a Long White Winter Coat

I’m really into winter coats this year. Even though it doesn’t get that cold in LA, there are a few weeks during the winter when I can break out winter coats. Plus, I don’t mind adding to my collection for the times I travel back home to to the east coast during the winter months (take me back to February Fashion Week). I recently got this white winter coat.  The color falls somewhere between white and ivory. It’s the perfect overcoat to wear over my favorite sweater dresses, which are my winter-time staple. 

{Stacey’s Look: Coat; Dress (similar); Boots: Bag; Earrings}

white winter coat
Long Coats Keep You Warmer

This long white coat is perfect to wear for cooler temperatures because it hits low on the leg to really keep you covered up. It may be stating the obvious, but a long coat is going to keep you warmer than a short coat. Especially for extra cold climates, having a longer coat can really keep you warm and protect you from the harsh weather. I remember when I lived in Boston, I bought a knee-length coat. Even wearing winter boots, I can distinctly remember the space between the top of my boots and the bottom of my jacket always being so freezing. I took the train into the city for work, and I definitely wished I had gotten a full-length coat to keep my legs warm.

Long Coats are Universal

Unlike cropped or even hip-length coats and jackets, long coats go with pretty much anything. You can definitely pair them with pants, skirts or dresses and they work equally well. If you are wearing a shorter dress or skirt, I would suggest you wear high boots with tights or at least something on your legs. I think bare legs with a long coat look a bit odd, personally. 

A White Winter Coat Goes with Everything

A white winter coat or a winter white coat  pretty much goes with anything. Since white is a neutral, it works well with other neutrals or with brighter colors. The color is so universal, it works equally well with brown, navy or black. You can also pair it with bold colors to break up the look. 

How to Style a Long White Winter Coat

The thing I love so much about this coat is that it looks great with jeans, dresses and skirts. It works with knee-length, midi or maxi-length skirts and dresses. I also think this jacket looks great with cropped jeans and flats, or with boots. I’ve also seen people style long winter coats with sweats, which looks modern and chic. The great thing about this particular jacket is that it has a tie at the waist to really create definition. Even though the jacket is a bit dressier, wearing it with sweats and chunky sneakers creates an interesting juxtaposition that does work.

If you’re interested in finding your own white winter coat, here are 9 of my favorites. 

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