Here Are 8 Adorable Ways to Make a Handprint Turkey

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My kids love doing crafts, especially to celebrate upcoming holidays. The other day after school, I asked the kids if they wanted to try this simple handprint turkey craft and they answered with a resounding yes. There is something about kids and handprints that are so endearing. It’s also fun to see their handprints grow over time. (We did this turkey handprint drawing way back in 2013 – Gigi wasn’t even around yet. Look at little Rocco’s hand!)

The handprint turkey craft we did is quite easy to make. You just need a few simple supplies. You will need construction paper, glue, scissors, and googly eyes. If you don’t want to buy the eyes, you can make them with paper or draw them on with crayons or markers. I actually used candy eyes I had from this mummy pumpkin cookies recipe to make this handprint turkey craft. 

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You can use any color paper you want. We chose a variety of colors for very colorful turkey feathers. Simply ask your kids to trace their hands and then they can cut out the feathers, or you can help them. Given how many handprints my kids did, I decided to help them speed up the process and cut some out too. 

For the turkey body, you can create whatever shape you want. For this hand turkey art, I suggested they make the body almost like a snowman. You can have one larger circle and a smaller circle above. You can help your child with this shape if they aren’t old enough to cut or need help creating the shape. I helped Rocco, but Gigi wanted to do her own. Her body is much smaller than Rocco’s, but it totally works. The thing about art is that we should allow our kids to express themselves and create what every they love.

Once you have everything cut out, you can glue the handprints on the back of the body. We cut out tiny beaks and gobblers with construction paper. You can draw them if you prefer. Then we affixed the beak and gobbler and glued on the googly eyes. That’s it, you just made this simple hand turkey craft. 

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