How Using Simple Face Paint Stencils Gave Me Stunning Results

Are you looking for an easy way to achieve an amazing Halloween makeup look with very little effort? Then you need to try face paint stencils. I recently received some in a press kit, so I had to try them out! The cheetah cat face stencils and the fairy makeup stencils, and both were so simple to use and turned out so cute! My daughter was upset with me that I didn’t include her in the face painting fun, so I’m going to test out some of the other stencils on her next weekend. 

face paint stencils
I had no clue that face stencils even existed. If you’re a novice to face painting, this is the way to go! I have done cat makeup before, without a stencil. It turned out cute, but it’s not nearly as elaborate as this Halloween face stencil I used. 

face paint stencils 2
It is so easy to use these stencils. You simply cut them into the shapes you want, attach them to your face (they are stickers) and then use whatever makeup you want to create the color/design you like. 

For the cheetah makeup, I chose to stick with a pretty simple color palette. These face paint stencils are so easy to use. I simply snipped it into 3 pieces and then attached them in the position that looked best. I used regular eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer to create the spots. Then, I used a felt tip liner to create the eye shape and the nose. 

As for the fairy face paint stencils makeup, I chose to use traditional face paint so that I would have more vibrant colors. Although you can achieve that with eyeshadow too, I liked the idea of using the thicker texture of face paint. I also added this glitter all over my face for a shimmery finish.

If you’re looking for other types of face stencils, here is a link to a clown stencil. This stencil is perfect if you’re looking for a Queen of Hearts-inspired costume. This kit is really awesome if you want to be a serpent. 

There are so many cool face paint stencils you can choose from, so the possibilities are really endless. This set of Halloween face stencils are specifically made for kids. I hope this post gave a little bit of information on how much easier it is to do cool Halloween makeup using stencils. The ideas are endless and your Halloween makeup will look flawless. 

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