Easy Cat Makeup Tutorial for a Last Minute Halloween Costume

cat makeup tutorialOn Friday, I attended California Academy of Sciences SuperNatural Halloween party. Although this was a kids’ party, my colleagues told me I had to come in costume. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was pre-kids and let’s just say, they were not kid-appropriate costumes. Since I had to come up with a last-minute Halloween costume, I settled on an easy cat makeup tutorial I knew I could pull off with only a few beauty products.

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To get the entire look, I wore all black, found these adorable cat ears in the kid’s section at Target, and looked at a lot of images online to create the cat fact. If you’re a makeup novice, don’t be scared! Using only mascara and eyeliner, I created this cat makeup tutorial. It is super easy and I think anyone can accomplish it.

cat-makeup-tutorial-04Easy Cat Makeup Tutorial for a Last Minute Halloween Costume

You will need:

Black Eyeliner Crayon (I used)
Eyeliner Sharpener (such as)
Black Mascara (I used)
(Optional) Black or Gray Eyeshadow (I love)

cat-makeup-tutorial-021. Draw eyeliner near the lash line on your top lashes and wing it out just slightly at the end for a subtle cat eye.

2. Using the eyeliner crayon, subtly draw a line from the eyeliner at the bottom of the lashes diagonally toward your eyebrow.

3. Using the side of crayon (not the sharp tip), gently fill in your lid and brow bone with the eyeliner. If you press really lightly, you can achieve a grayish color. Note: this is the stage where you could also use gray or black eyeshadow to create a subtle smoky eye. I didn’t have any with me, so that’s why I used eyeliner instead of eyeshadow. 

4. Next, line the bottom of your lashes with eyeliner and when you reach the midpoint of your eye, start drawing downward toward your nose at a diagonal, as shown in the picture.

5. Add two coats of mascara to the top and bottom of your lashes.

6. Draw a line about 1/4 inch above each nostril and draw a half-circle at the tip of your nose. Fill in with black liner all along the lower part of your nose.

7. Next, draw two diagonal lines from your lip up to the outer nostrils and color the entire area in black.

8. Line your top lip with eyeliner and fill in the entire lip. When you get to the corners of your mouth, extend the liner slightly outward and upward to give you the grinning cat look.

9. Add 8-10 tiny dots under your nose and above your lip on each side of your cupids bow.

10. Finally, add 3 whiskers on each side of your cheek.


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