Here are 10 of the Most Adorable Family Halloween Pajamas Ever

family halloween pajamasI can’t believe it’s already October 1st! This year has really flown by. October is one of my favorite months because of Halloween and also my son’s birthday. It’s almost time for the holiday season too, which is exciting. Every year, we do a matching pjs photoshoot during Christmas time. But this year, I saw adorable matching family Halloween pajamas, and I couldn’t resist! Not only are these pjs absolutely adorable, but my kids are also still willing to pose with me! I’m going to get us matching pjs until they won’t do it anymore.

Dog Halloween PJs

Another fun addition to our first-ever Halloween pjs photoshoot included our new dog, Coco. When I saw that they had dog/cat outfits too, I was even more sold! The dog Halloween pajamas are actually my favorite. They had a tiny pumpkin right on her butt, which is just too adorable. She had fun posing with us too. She got even more love and snuck in more licks than usual. If you are getting your dog (or cat) pjs, I would suggest you buy a smaller size than you would expect. I got Coco a size medium (she weighs 19 pound), but it was too large. Next, I got a size S, and it was better, but still a bit large. I think an XS would have been perfect.

Tips for Family Photoshoots

It can be difficult to get great photos during family photoshoots. One thing we always focus on is having fun. We let the kids play around, do silly poses, and not take it too seriously. Fun is a key component because they can get a lot of their energy out, they have authentic and natural smiles, and the entire shoot feels less like work and more like playing. Then, for less than 5 minutes – more like 2-3 minutes, we ask them to actually sit still and pose and smile. This is how we managed to get a few really great family portraits. This mix of fun, silly and legitimate posing is the best way to ensure you get a great shot.

Where to Buy Cute Matching Family Halloween Pajamas

There is a lot of cute matching family Halloween pajamas you can find. I got ours here. There are a lot of different styles and patterns. Honestly, my kids wanted the matching skeleton pajamas, but they were all sold out of our size. Its ironic they wanted to wear the skeletons since we just did a skeleton craft last weekend.

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