How to Make This Fun and Cute Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

q tip skeleton craft
Do you like to do crafts with your kids? My kids love doing crafts. We’ve been doing crafts since they were really young. Fall and Halloween are great times for crafts because there are so many easy and fun crafts to do! We made these cute apple stamps. I also recently made this days until Halloween pumpkin, which my kids love because it is interactive and allows them to draw with chalk. I wanted to do an easy craft with my kids this past weekend. This Q-tip skeleton craft is perfect because it doesn’t require a lot of supplies and most people will have these items in their homes.

Q-Tip Skeleton Craft for Kids

q tip skeleton craft 2To make this cute q-tip skeleton craft you only need a few supplies. To start, you need cotton swabs, construction paper, scissors, and glue. As a bonus, if you have white chalk and clear glue, that’s even better. I like using clear glue over white glue because it dries better and looks neater. If you have chalk for the head and outline of the body, that’s an added bonus. If you don’t have chalk, you can use white paper to draw and cut out the skeleton’s head. We used chalk for the head. Then, my son decided to trace around the cotton swab legs and arms for added definition, which looked really cute. If you have googly eyes, all the better. I used candy eyeballs. But if you don’t, you can just draw the eyeballs.

The entire q-tip skeleton craft took us about 15 minutes to create. My kids had fun laying out all of the different swabs to try different poses and positions. There is no right way to arrange the arms and legs. I suggested to my kids that they arrange the swabs how they wanted them before gluing. My kids even cut tiny pieces of a cotton swab to make little mouthes. Once they had their skeletons laid out, we used clear glue to attach each of the cotton swabs. 

Make it a STEM Education Activity

A fun Halloween craft, like this Q-tip skeleton craft, doesn’t just have to be an art project. You can easily turn it into a science activity without too much additional effort. If you want to turn this into an educational activity, you can talk to your kids about skeletons and their skeletal systems. This would be a great time to talk about simple anatomy and our bones. You can talk about how we keep our bones healthy (such as our diet and exercise) and you can talk about what bones are made of. This book would be a great way to start. This early reading book could be great too. This interactive human body game would also be a great way to talk to your kids about their bones and anatomy.

We had a ton of fun making our silly q-tip skeleton craft. The only thing that was a bit challenging about this craft was cutting the cotton swabs. If your kids are young, I suggest you cut all of the cotton swabs for them. My kids are old enough to use scissors safely, but they even struggled to cut through the stems of the swabs.

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