Here are 5 Ideas for How to Take Time for Yourself

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how to take time for yourself
Working moms who are also teaching your kids at home – I see you. Stay at home moms who are also now homeschooling your kids – I see you. This year has been a challenge for all of us moms. Prior to this year, we were used to wearing a lot of different hats and juggling lots of responsibilities. But this year, taking on the role of teacher or teacher’s aid has been a major hurdle a lot of us never planned to face. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we focus on finding balance. I thought it might be helpful to share 5 tips for how to take time for yourself – whether your job is at home or outside of the home.

We constantly hear the phrase self-care. But what does that even mean anymore? I personally know a lot of moms struggle with this phrase because they feel guilty if they take time for themselves. A lot of us put these unrealistic expectations on ourselves and I think that’s even been heightened this year. We don’t want to let our kids down, so we think of ways to make up for all they are missing by having to be home so much. I totally can relate. But I’ve slowly learned that taking a moment for myself is very important. I’m going to be a much better mom for my kids if I feel less overwhelmed. Here are 5 tips that I use to find more balance.

1. Enjoy a Perfect Evening Snack

After my kids go to bed, I love to enjoy a glass of wine with my favorite OREO Thins Cookies. Such a delicious pairing! If you don’t drink alcohol, they also pair really well with sparkling water or your favorite mocktail. I love OREO Thins Cookies because they are a twist on the classic OREO Cookie – delightfully thin and crispy. Ironically, my kids love them too. They come in several different flavors including mint (my favorite), lemon, chocolate crème, original, and golden. I found mine online at and I was able to do the drive-up option at my local Target store. I love the convenience of being able to purchase my favorite things online and head to the store for a quick and safe pick-up. You can also save 10% with the Circle offer in the Target App right now until October 11th.

2. Run an Errand You Enjoy

Ironically, one of my favorite ways to take time for myself is to run errands. I actually enjoy the process of running to my local Target to grocery shop or browse the women’s clothing section. I think the physical act of driving and walking to/from the store actually is a stress-reliever for me. Also, Target is one of the few stores that actually makes me feel calm. I love the aesthetics of the store so it’s always an enjoyable place for me to go. They have everything I need, including all of my favorite OREO Thins Cookies flavors.

3. Try At-Home Personal Care

This is definitely a personal preference, but I enjoy giving myself an at-home manicure once a week. I used to get all my manicures done at the salon, but since salons were closed for so long, I had to get creative.  Now, I find the at-home manicure process very relaxing. Plus, I save a lot of time and money by not having to make an in-salon nail appointment every week or two.  If manicures (or pedicures) aren’t your thing, you could also try giving yourself a facial or putting on a face mask. Some people prefer baths or long showers, which can also be great.

4. Add Gentle Exercise

After a long day, one really great way for how to relax is to do some light exercise. At night, I do like to fit in some light activity. I usually try to add some gentle yoga or stretching. One of my other favorite after-dinner activities is to take an easy walk around the block a few times. I like to put in my earbuds and listen to my ‘chill mix’ on my phone. It helps me to find balance and feel much calmer.

5. Talk it Out

how to take time for yourself
My favorite way to have “mom-time” is by talking it out. If something is bothering me or I’m simply feeling overwhelmed, I find sharing that with friends or family really helps me to feel centered and calm. I have a few girlfriends who I talk to daily. We share our daily struggles and successes. It’s really helpful to have someone who can empathize with you and offer support when you need it.

Once a week, my girlfriends and I do a virtual happy hour. We come prepared with our wine so we can toast and talk about the week. We share our struggles, all of the tough moments, and our successes from the week. I always enjoy a few of my favorite OREO Thins Cookies during the chat too. This weekly time with my girlfriends to come together is definitely a highlight of the week.

I hope these tips for how to take time for yourself have been helpful. I’d also love to hear how you make time for yourself, so leave me a comment!

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