Here are 5 Apple Recipes for Fall I Would Make Again

Fall is my favorite season for the weather and for baking. I love to bake with apples so I thought I would share my 5 apple recipes for fall I would make again. 

Do you go apple picking in the fall? Did you know there are actually a lot of good health reasons to go? I love this article for explaining why it’s a worthwhile outing. Plus, its a fun way to do something active with your kids. Even better, come home and bake with them! There are tons of reasons baking is great for kids too.

1. Easy Apple Crumble

This apple crumble is super easy to make. I actually created it after having leftover apples from my apple slab recipe. It’s a crowd-pleaser and tastes great topped with vanilla ice cream.

2. Apple Slab Pie

I made this apple slab pie with puff pastry. You could also make it with pie crust, but puff pastry makes the whole process a whole lot easier and faster. Either way, this is so delicious. It’s a less fussy way to make an apple pie.

3. Spiked Apple Cider

I love this recipe for cooler fall days. You can make it spiked or just as non-alcoholic cider. Either way, it’s a warm and delicious way to enjoy those fall flavors.

apple recipes for fall
4. Caramel Apple Cookies

This is one of my older recipes that I absolutely love. I actually created these cookies based on an oatmeal apple cookie I used to love to purchase from LGO when I lived in Phoenix. Mine turned out even better than the ones I used to buy. This is definitely one of my favorite apple recipes for fall.

apple recipes for fall
5. Apple Streusel Bread Pudding

This is also a major throw-back recipe. If you like bread pudding, then you’ll love this recipe. It’s so delicious and an unexpected way to use apples while baking.

What are your favorite apple recipes for fall? If you try any of my apple recipes for fall I’d make again, please leave me a comment so I know what you think!

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