What Happened at Disneyland Food and Wine Festival

disneyland food and wine festival
I’ve gotten super spoiled. Prior to 2019, I had only been to Disneyland 1 time when I was six. Then, I moved to LA and last and prior to COVID, I think I’ve been about 10 times. I LOVE Disneyland. It really is a magical place. I feel like a kid every time I get to go and experience the fun through my children’s eyes. Just one week before COVID quarantine started, I was able to attend the Disney Food and Wine Festival with my sister, who was visiting.

I distinctly remember conversations with her about whether we should go. It was prior to anything being shut down and we already had our reservations to attend. Given that I had never visited Disneyland on my own – as an adult – without kids, it was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up. I had no idea that would be my last visit to Disneyland for a while. Thankfully, I had also gotten to take my kids a week earlier to attend the new Magic Happens parade

I’m surprised to admit just how much I miss Disneyland now that it’s been 6 whole months. That’s why I decided I would share my experience at the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival, even if none of us will be able to attend it for awhile. 

The event actually takes place at Disney California Adventure. When you enter the park, you will see many signs directing you toward the food and tasting areas. As you walk through the park, you will see lots and lots of different huts that offer a wide assortment of food options. There are hundreds of food and drink options, sweet, savory, you name it! 

To start, my sister and I walked around to check out everything before we bought anything. I should say, they gave us these passports that have individual tickets on them. You take off one ticket for each food or drink item you decide to try. We tried many different things, including mocktails, savory foods – like Korean bbq street tacos, desserts – like a giant Mickey-shaped macaron, and sides – like lobster mac and cheese. 

Honestly, all of the food and drinks we tried were really tasty. The day we visited, it was actually very warm, so we did focus more on the drinks than anything else. They do offer wine tasting too, but that is an additional charge. 

The thing I enjoyed the most about the experience, aside from the great food, was just wandering around the park with nowhere to go. When I go with my kids, we always have a plan to ride as many rides as possible. Visiting with my sister, we just enjoyed the experience of being in the park, trying different foods and drinks, and walking around for fun. We did head over to Disneyland too and rode on a couple of rides. Mostly, we just enjoyed the gorgeous day, the flowering trees, and being in such a magical place. 

If you get the chance to go to the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival in the future, I’d highly encourage you. We all long for a day when we can go back to traveling and experiencing new things. This event is definitely one I think you’d like just as much as I did. 

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Thank you, Disneyland for sponsoring my trip to the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. 

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