These Are The Best Cut Off Shorts For Curvy Girls

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Raise your hand if you avoid wearing shorts at all costs. ME! Up until a year or two ago, you’d never catch me in shorts. Seriously never. I have always been super critical of my legs, especially my chubby knees and thighs. So, I always hid my legs. You’d catch me in lots of sun dresses and a-line dresses that hit at the knee or mid-calf, but never in shorts. About a year ago, I finally decided to embrace my legs just the way they are. A big part of that is that I finally found the best cut off shorts for curvy girls.

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Let’s be real, not all women feel confident in booty-showing cut-offs. I know I don’t even feel super comfortable in shorts that are at least 3/4 down my thighs. Most of the time, I actually opt for knee-length shorts to hide the areas that I’m most critical of. But then I found this great pair of cut offs and they are seriously perfect for girls of all shapes and sizes.

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The in-seam is long enough that you don’t constantly feel like you have a wedgie. There is extra distressing on the front for a destroyed look that I just love for the warmer weather.

These cut off shorts for curvy girls I wear everywhere. I literally wore them all summer long – over my swim suits when I headed to the beach or with tanks or ts as I chase my kids around the park. They are seriously the best.

If you’re looking for cute cut offs for spring break or for this summer, I’m sharing some of my favorites. If you’re a plus size gal, I personally love the Good American brand (up to size 24). It is pricey, but they will last you for years. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then I think Old Navy has a great selection for those girls over a size 14. I also think Levi’s are great for curvy girls sizes 14 and below. They do have a plus-size line as well!

No matter your size, there are tons of great options. And take it from me, every girl can wear cut offs, even if you don’t think you can. Just try a few different styles and in-seams until you find a pair that makes you feel great. Speaking as a girl who avoided shorts for most of her adult life, it’s time ladies. Show off those legs.

Best Cut Off Shorts for Curvy Girls

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