8 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Green Bay Wisconsin

things to do with kids in Green Bay Wisconsin

Last week, I wrote about our time in the Twin Cities. We spent half of our trip at my sister’s house there. Then, we spent the next week at my parents’ house in Green Bay, WI, which is also my hometown. It was the first time I was home in 4 years and it was my first time bringing both of my kids with me back home. Given it’s where I’m from, I knew there were a lot of fun things to do with kids in Green Bay Wisconsin. So I set out to show them some of my favorite childhood things and also experience some new ones.

1. Wild Life Sanctuary

I can distinctly remember going to the Wild Life Sanctuary with my parents to feed the ducks. I can even remember the feeling of the dry and dusty corn kernels in my hands. As a child, I was fascinated with feeding the birds. It was so neat to see how close up they’d come and to watch the ducks dive under the water to scoop up the corn.

My own kids equally enjoyed the experience. I did learn one lesson, though. There is one area of the Wild Life Sanctuary that is overrun with Canadian Geese. That area was actually pretty gross and overwhelming. My kids and I all got nipped at my a goose. The moment each of us got bit, we decided to head to the bridge area where there were a lot less geese and we fed the mallard ducks instead.

Despite the aggressive geese, visiting the Wild Life Sanctuary was a lot of fun. The other side of the Sanctuary houses wolves, deer, and some other animals. We were lucky enough to see the wolves roaming around and even howling to bring their pack together. We also got to feed deer. One of the deer was so friendly, she actually licked my son’s hand.

things to do with kids in Green Bay Wisconsin

2. Bay Beach

One of my childhood favorite places was Bay Beach. They have a lot of fun rides for very little kids all the way to adult-friendly rides. My kids are at the age where they are a little too big for the little rides (more appropriate for toddlers) but they are just a little too small for the roller coaster and the other faster rides. Even though we couldn’t go on all of the rides, my kids still loved it and they didn’t want to leave. They loved the train ride, the giant slide, and the merry-go-round. Bay Beach also has a brand new ferris wheel that has a great view of the bay of Green Bay.

3. Titletown

Probably one of the coolest things to do with kids in Green Bay Wisconsin is to visit Titletown. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a giant outdoor playground right across the street from Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers play. Titletown has a regulation-sized football field, an area where people can race in the 40 yard dash, a lot of fun playground equipment, and even other yard games like foosball and horse shoes.

My kids had a great time running around and exploring the entire area. As a Green Bay native, I can remember what used to be there and I’m so glad to see such a family-friendly space has popped up with such a fantastic view of the stadium. My mom told me they have a great ice rink in the winter time and I definitely want to take my kids back there some winter.

4. New Zoo

Although we didn’t get there this trip, one place my mom always takes my kids when they are in Green Bay is to the new zoo. It is a great local zoo to take your kids if you’re looking for some sightseeing, and cute animals.

5. National Railroad Museum

I personally did not visit the National Railroad Museum but my parents and kids all raved about it. This is the second time my mom took my kids there and they loved it both times. There are a lot of fun things for them to do, and my kids are still quite fascinated with trains, so they really enjoyed it.

6. Fox River Locks

One morning, we drove to DePere and walked around at Voyager Park. They have walking trails that lead you to the Fox River (very important to Green Bay industry) where you can actually see the boat locks. Although we didn’t see any boats while we were there, we did see an older man fishing. While we were there he caught a large bass. My kids were utterly fascinated watching him pull the fish out of the water, removing the hook from his mouth, and holding the fish. He actually let my kids touch the fish before he let my son throw the fish back in the water (he practices catch and release to ensure the health of the fish population). The entire experience made me happy because we got to walk along the Fox river and my kids got a science lesson at the same time.

7. Local Parks

There are so many nice parks around Green Bay. My kids spent one afternoon at Sand Acres park, which is near my parents house. It has a lot of great equipment and also has a parkee – which is basically a day camp held at the park every day for kids to drop in and play, do crafts, and have fun. My kids spent a few hours with the parkee one day. They made a t-shirt, painted, and played yard games.

Another park we visited was Fisk Park. It is home to the Resch Aquatic Center, which has two water slides and a bunch of other water features. My kids spent an entire afternoon there, and didn’t want to leave. It was a really nice pool and totally affordable. I think we spent less than 15 for four of us to go there.

8. Children’s Museum

Another of the many fun things to do with kids in Green Bay Wisconsin is to go to their Children’s Museum. The museum recently moved and the new space is great! My kids have also been to this museum every time they’ve visited my parents and they never get enough of it. It’s a really nice museum and one I’d highly recommend if you want a fun interactive place for your kids (perfect for kids 2-8, in my opinion).

Overall, we had a great time in Green Bay. Probably my favorite moments were actually getting to see my childhood best friend and watching our kids play together. We didn’t even need to go anywhere, they had the best time just running through her sprinkler, playing with toys, and running around her neighborhood. Sometimes, the best summer activities are those that are less planned. But if you are looking for fun things to do with kids in Green Bay Wisconsin, this will give you a good place to start!

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