Here Are 3 Simple Tips For How to Style Floral Cropped Pants

I’m headed to Puerto Vallarta this week, so I’ve been searching for easy breezy summer clothes. These floral cropped pants fit the bill perfectly. You’ll probably see them all over my Instagram this week.

When I first saw these floral cropped pants, I wasn’t even going to try them on. The print seemed so loud and I didn’t think the wide legs and cropped length would be very flattering on me. All year, I’ve been trying on things I don’t initially think will look good on me. I’ve learned that a lot of things I don’t think will work, actually do.

I have a lot of preconceptions about what will work with my body shape. Because I do have an hourglass shape, I’ve found that waist-cinching things are the best, but wide leg pants generally don’t work for me.

{Stacey’s Look: Pants; Top; Heels (similar); Glasses}

I think these pants worked well because they do have a high waist and a tie detail too. Plus, I paired them with a very fitted top so you could see the definition of my waist. The cropped length of the pants also shows just the smallest amount of skin, so it helps to balance out the very wide legs.

If you are leery of wearing wide leg cropped pants like these floral cropped pants, I’d suggest you follow these styling tips.

Styling Tips for Wearing Floral Cropped Pants

1. Choose a Fitted Top

Since the pants are flowy, you don’t want to wear a flowy top too. It will make you look much bigger than you are. You can either wear a cropped top like I did or tuck in a fitted top. You don’t want any extra bulk, so make sure it fits you closely. You can wear short sleeves or sleeveless, whichever you prefer. A tube top might also work with these style of pants.

2. Wear Strappy Sandals

Since the pants are so much material, you want to make sure you can see some skin. You want to choose a shoe, like mine, that does show a lot of skin. They don’t necessarily have to be high heels or even kitten heels. Flat sandals could work, just make sure some skin is showing. I would suggest heels, as they do elongate the leg line. However, if you really dislike heels, flats can work as long as they are strappy, like these.

3. Go Easy on The Accessories

You don’t need to add much in the way of jewelry or accessories because floral cropped pants are a statement in themselves. Go easy on accessories. A simple purse or a dainty necklace is all you need.

I’m really glad I tried these floral cropped pants. They are such an easy piece to wear in the summer and I know they will work great in the fall and spring too. I also love how easy it is to dress these up or down. They are definitely my new favorite pants.

Floral Cropped Pants I Love

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