This is How I Created a Stunning California Bedroom Gallery Wall

This bedroom gallery wall post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions are my own.

When I moved to California earlier this year, I decided not to move most of our furniture. It was mostly all from the early 2000s, and not in the best shape after a couple cross-country moves. It was a great decision. It’s a fresh start in my new home.

My last bedroom was dark. I used dark colors, like reds and burgundies. I do love rich jewel tones, but this time around, I wanted my bedroom to feel serene. If I’m honest, juggling work, mom life, and my blogging business can be quite stressful. So, it was important to me to create a space that was truly calming and I think I did it!I reached out to my friends at Minted to see if they would be wiling to work with me to create the perfect bedroom gallery wall. They agreed to provide the prints. While I was searching for the art, I also realized they sell pillows and lamp shades too! I also worked with Interior Define to create my gorgeous headboard and Allswell to get the perfect mattress.

When I was deciding on the artwork, I spent a lot of time searching through Minted’s website, trying to decide between original art vs. photos. I chose photos for this gallery wall because I wanted to capture the essence of California. I wanted to show the colors and the natural elements that I so love. Minted has a feature where you can save your favorites, so I used that to find like-prints, with a similar color palette and vibe.

As for selecting the pillows and the lamp shade, I let the photos decide. Once I realized I had a lot of light blues, I chose a couple accent pieces to bring out those blue hues. I also opted for grey and white pillows to blend in with the bed and keep the whole space ultra light and airy. I’m such a big fan of the Minted pillows because they have a zipper so you can wash the pillow cases at any time. That is such a nice feature that I think so many pillows are often missing.

I am so very happy with how my bedroom turned out. It feels light and bright and serene. My room directly reflects the reason I moved to California in the first place. This place brings me calm. It makes me feel like my best self.

If you’re looking to redo your artwork (or pillows!), I highly suggest you consider Minted. They have so many original and gorgeous options.

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  1. Love it! I’m from East Coast and just love California! I’m currently decorating my bedroom with the west coast feel. I’m so happy I ran across your blog.

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