6 of The Best Health and Beauty Products That I Love Right Now

With two kids, a full-time job, a full-time side hustle (you’re reading it), it’s often tough for me to find me time. I bet you can relate. With such limited time, I need products that are work. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different health and beauty products. As a blogger, I’m lucky enough to get a lot of samples. However, I’m only sharing my absolutely current favorite health and beauty products with you. These 6 are game-changers for me. So, here are my top 6 health and beauty products that I’m absolutely loving this fall.

1. Magical Hair Serum

You might have noticed, I’m blonde now. It was quite a change for me. At the same time, I’m trying to grow my hair out. As you ladies can agree, it’s darn hard to grow out our hair while also keeping it healthy. My ends are notoriously dry. However, my stylist (who also took me blonde) told me about this hair serum. She told me it was magical, but I had my doubts. Sure, you want me to spend 40 bucks on a hair serum in your salon, sure, it’s gonna work for me (insert eye roll). Well guess what? It totally does! I’ve noticed my hair doesn’t feel nearly as dry and I haven’t even noticed much damage! I’m so excited because I plan to keep up the blonde thing for awhile and I want to keep it healthy as I continue to grow it out.

2. Feminine Health Probiotic

Since having kids, my body has been through a lot and I’m trying to take the best care of it as I can. Did you know that your vagina is home to a host of live yeast and bacteria colonies, also known as your vaginal microbiome? I just learned about this when I started collaborating with my friends over at AZO. When everything is in balance, it actually serves as your vagina’s natural defense.

Unfortunately, anything from your period, pregnancy, or even stress can disrupt the delicate balance, upsetting your vaginal pH and leaving you feeling anything but balanced. AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM Daily Probiotic for women is specifically formulated to help keep that natural balance in check. The only women’s probiotic with INTELLIFLORATM, a unique four strain blend of the most dominant lactobacilli in the vaginal microflora of healthy pregnant women.

I recently added AZO Complete Feminine Balance® Daily Probiotic to my daily regimen to help maintain ongoing vaginal health. Even better, It is shown to work in just 7 days§, is safe for pregnant women*§, restores and maintains the balance of good bacteria and yeast and optimizes and helps maintain a healthy vaginal pH.*

Check out this $3 coupon here: http://bit.ly/2Tz2PIu

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results demonstrated in clinical studies AZO Complete Feminine Balance® and IntellifloraTM, are trademarks of DSM (Note: I am working in partnership with AZO Complete Feminine Balance® Probiotic but all opinions are my own. Consult your health care professional for medical advice.)

3. The Best Red Lipstick

I’ve talked a lot about lipstick over the years of blogging, but I’ve still always been pretty gun-shy about actually wearing it in public. I told one of my friends that and I quote, “why, it looks great on you.” Hmm. Isn’t it interesting how we don’t always see what other’s see? So anyway, I’ve started wearing bolder lipstick more often and I’m absolutely obsessed with this red lipstick. It is seriously the perfect shade, perfect consistency, and stays put too!

4. The Perfect Palette

I actually learned about this brand at the SIMPLY LA conference and they gifted me this palette. I’m obsessed with the neutral colors and how versatile this eyeshadow is. I’m not sure how you wear your makeup, but I’ve always gone heavier on the eyes. I like to wear eyeshadow and eyeliner, so I’ve been carrying this palette (similar) with me lately when I travel. It really does offer so many great neutral options that you can ramp up or tone done, depending on the event.

5. Anti-Aging Skin Serum

I actually already wrote an entire post about this skincare line, it’s that amazing! Since starting to use their serums, I’ve noticed a major improvement in my skin tone and texture. It is pricey, but it is completely worth it. As I think about it, we wear our faces every day, so we should invest in keeping them looking their best.

6. Flawless Tinted SPF Lotion

Even in fall, it’s always important to use SPF 30 or higher. I love this tinted SPF moisturizer for a few reasons. First, it doesn’t even feel like sunscreen at all. Second, it goes on really light but provides just a little bit of coverage. Third, it is SPF 50! I usually wear this under my other tinted moisturizer, but sometimes just wear it alone. I find it does provide me enough coverage on most days.

So there it is. My top 6 health and beauty products that I use every day. These help me staying young, healthy and feeling my best. I definitely suggest you give them a try.

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