This is Why I Was Shocked That I Love This Front Zip Dress

One of my goals for 2018 was to step outside my comfort zone, in as many areas of my life as I could handle. I’ve always loved fashion, but I have never been much of a fashion risk-taker. I’m trying to shake things up with my wardrobe and also how I style myself. This front zip dress is one little way I’m trying to shake things up.

It’s not like I’m suddenly Vogue-worthy or something, but for me, it’s a departure, and I’m having fun. Really, that’s what fashion and beauty should be all about it – taking risks, trying something new, and just having fun with it.

{Stacey’s Look: Dress; T-Shirt; Shoes; Purse (similar); Necklace (similar); Bangles; Lip Color}

When I saw this dress (under $25!), I was drawn to the front zip, super defined waist and the red stripe, of course. I thought a zip front dress could be fun for spring and summer. This dress is extra unique because it’s made out of wind breaker material and even has a hidden hood at the collar.

I decided to layer it over a t-shirt because I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless dresses on me and I also love how it looks with the zipper open all the way to the waist, creating an exaggerated v-neck.

This front zip dress is also fun because it can be totally dressed down, or could be dressed up. I chose to wear it more casually with sneakers. If I took off the t and put on some sexy heels, I think this dress could work just as well for date night.

So what do you think of my look? Are you digging my new style, or missing my old preppier vibes?

If you’re interested in trying out the front zip dress trend, I’ve linked to some of my favorites below.

Front Zip Dress Trend

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  1. Cheryl Santos says:

    You look Great, and it looks comfortable
    Cheryl, South Dartmouth, Mass

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