Here are 15 of the Best Kids Rain Boots Under $50

Here are 15 of the Best Kids Rain Boots Under $50I never expected my kids to love moving to Boston as quickly or as much as they do. Growing up in Wisconsin, I guess I forgot to consider just how much I loved the four seasons as a kid. I loved splashing in puddles, I love playing in the snow, and I spent every waking hour of the summer outside.

It makes me happy to see just how much my kids are embracing Boston, the climate, and the weather. I was worried they’d be wimps like me, but nope! They are loving it. Just yesterday, it was only 36 degrees before school. I was slightly bothered by having to break out my scarf. My kids, on the other hand, were noticeably excited to put on their winter puffer coats.

Here are 15 of the Best Kids Rain Boots Under $50My kids always found rain such a novel thing when we lived in Arizona. Although it bugs them when it rains here for too many days in a row, because then they are relegated to the house, they do get very excited to jump in puddles. We finally caved and got them some adorable rain boots from London Littles (c/o). Now, they can splash around whenever it rains. I’m happy because they stay (mostly) dry. They are happy because they just love traipsing around in their rain boots.

One thing I often take for granted with my kids are these little moments. I’ve talked about it before, the need to be more mindful and present in my life. Experiencing fall with them in Boston has given me a lot of those little moments. I did not expect them to get so much joy out of receiving a pair of rain boots or putting on a puffer coat for the first time, but they did. Watching them splash through the puddles, just like their favorite Peppa Pig, was as much a joy for me as it was for them. I am so lucky to call these two sweet soals my children and I am going to try every day to celebrate their little joys so we can all slow down and enjoy life a little more.

If you’re looking for rain boots for your own kids, I’ve pulled some really cute ones — all are under $50. To view the items below, simply click on the picture.

Best Rain Boots for Kids Under $50

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