7 Easy Tips for Growing Out Bangs Quickly

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Top tips for growing out bangs quickly featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress

Ladies, is there any worse hairdo than when you’re growing out bangs? Seriously, it feels like a bad hair day almost every day. It is unnecessarily painful because you feel like you look like you haven’t gotten a haircut in forever (which you probably haven’t) and your hair can look so awkward when you’re growing out bangs.

I recently decided it’s time for me to grow out my bangs. I’ve had side bangs (that I sometimes wear straight across) for, I don’t know, a decade? I really like my bangs. So why am I growing them out? Well, Boston does NOT agree with my bangs. I have naturally wavy hair and the bags are doing crazy things with all this humidity.

If you’re struggling to grow out your bangs, fear not! I have 7 tips for growing out bangs quickly with AVEENO® products from Walmart.

1. Deep Moisturize your Hair Weekly

To help promote healthy hair growth, you must be sure you’re moisturizing your hair well. I suggest a weekly deep moisturizer to keep your hair supple and well hydrated.

2. Use Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

Top tips for growing out bangs quickly featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in ProgressOne of the most important steps to growing out bangs quickly is using quality shampoo and conditioner. Right now, I’m using AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner because it is sulfate-free and helps to rebalance hair’s optimal moisture. It leaves my hair feeling shiny, healthier looking, and more full of life. This shampoo and conditioner is also effective at removing impurities and renewing my hair so it is more balanced. It is also dye-free and safe for my color-treated hair.

Top tips for growing out bangs quickly featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in ProgressWhile I’m letting the conditioner soak in, I also use AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® 60 SECOND IN-SHOWER FACIAL which is just another way to pamper myself in the shower. It takes my skin from dull to bright and glowing. Plus, it works 4 times faster than other at-home masks and peels. If you’d like to try any of these AVEENO® products for yourself, here is a coupon to save $2.00 at your local Walmart store.

Top tips for growing out bangs quickly featured by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress

3. Switch up Your Part

If you are used to wearing your bangs straight across, you’ll want to switch up your part. Pick a side and swipe your hair to the side. Or part them down the middle and pin them back or stick them behind your ears.

4. Get Creative with Bobby Pins

When your bangs are too long to wear, but not long enough to stick behind your ears, bobby pins will be your best friends. You can try different styles of bobby pins. Recently, I saw a girl wearing colored bobby pins and she crisscrossed them to create little x’s. It looked really chic. I’ve also seen people stack several and create v shapes. Check out Pinterest for more bobby pin hair styling ideas.

5. Trim Your Fringe

I know what you’re thinking – I’m trying to grow it out, I’m not going to cut it! But if you don’t do mini-trims, then you might end up with split ends. If your ends are dry, they will split and it will take even longer for your hair to grow out. Just do really subtle, mini trims to get off the split ends.

6. Try a Headband

Just like bobby pins, headbands are a great way to get bangs out of your way. I actually love wearing headbands with a high ponytail or top knot.

7. Perfect the Braid Crown

This is a great time for growing out bangs because you can rock the braid crown. It’s ultra-popular right now and is a great style for getting bangs out of your face. I’d suggest you check out Pinterest again for tutorials and styling ideas.

I hope these tips for growing out bangs are useful if you’re in a hair transition phase like I am. If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them!


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