How to Do a Shadow Root at Home

How to Do a Shadow Root at Home, tips featured by top lA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress

Is it just me, or did your roots start looking crazy week two of quarantine? At the 5 week mark, I knew I had to do something, so that’s why I decided to attempt to do my own shadow root hair color at home. Just a few weeks before COVID hit, I had gotten some gorgeous highlights from my favorite hairstylist. They looked amazing, but my roots grow in so quickly, after about 8 weeks, I really need a touch-up. I tried to hold out, but I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, so that’s why I decided to try to fix it at home with a root melt effect.

If you want to try doing a shadow root hair color at home, definitely head over to my youtube channel or click the video above to watch how I did it. Also, here are the steps, and products you can take to do it too.

Hair Supplies You Need for your At Home Shadow Root

For my at-home root melt, I used items you can find at your local Target or drug store. I used this root touch up in medium ash brown, and I used this hair gloss in smoky topaz. The root touch up is obviously to touch up the roots and cover grays. The hair gloss is to tone down the brassiness in my hair and create a more even and cohesive tone.

You will also want to have a comb and tin foil (optional). The comb will be used to separate and comb through your hair to create the root melting effect. The foil, you could use to keep some of your original color. I wanted to keep some of the blonde streaks in the front, so that’s why I used foil.

How to Do a Shadow Root Effect

The first step in creating the perfect shadow root hair color at home is to start by mixing your root touch up and then applying it directly to your roots. Then, you will take the comb and comb down to spread the hair color a bit further down your hair shaft. You should watch my video for a clear example of this process. After you’ve covered up all your roots and combed through, then you’ll let the color process, as directed. After you rinse out your color, then you’ll add the gloss and let that stay on your hair as long as directed. Then you will rinse, style and you’re done!

I’m really happy with how my root melt turned out. I wasn’t sure how it would work. But, I’ve watched my stylists do it a few times. So, I’m really happy I was able to accomplish it at home. The great thing about the shadow root effect is that it diminishes that line of outgrowth you get with highlights and looks so much more natural. It also blends a lot better with your natural root color. If you haven’t already, definitely check out my video so you can do an at-home root color too.

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