Here are the Benefits of Organic Beauty Products

This post was sponsored by Organic Doctor, but all opinions are my own.

I’ll be honest with you, I never thought much about what I’ve been putting on my skin. I’ve tried natural and organic products in the past (I tested organic sunscreens once), but I didn’t realize the benefits of organic beauty products vs. conventional products.

When Organic Doctor sent me products to try, I was excited and a bit unsure of some of the products. I was excited because Organic Doctor is an award-winning skincare and hair care line that just launched in the U.S. It is originally from Britain and it uses the finest botanical and naturally inspired ingredients. They carry eight collections, each with a unique story, so customers can discover exciting ingredients from around the world. I’m also so happy their products are super easy to find at CVS and Amazon.

I had a chance to try out four of their product lines including the organic snail gel, which is great for skin hydration and moisturizing. I also tried their Organic Tea Tree from Australia which has great cleansing properties for deep cleaning. The Virgin Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka and the Philippines is perfect for deep hydration. Finally, I got to try the Organic Rose Otto from Bulgaria, Iran and Morocco which is their healthy-aging skin line that has a nice floral scent.

Now that I understand all the benefits of organic beauty products, I am definitely going to incorporate these Organic Doctor products into my beauty and skincare routine. In case you’re interested, here are 3 reasons to incorporate organic beauty products into your life.

The Benefits of Organic Beauty Products

Organic Beauty Products are Better for the Planet

Conventional beauty products use ingredients that are harvested from plants that use pesticides. These chemicals can damage the soil and run off into water or into the air.  When you use natural and organic products, you are promoting cleaner manufacturing and productions. Ingredients are made from chemical-free farms which promote a healthier earth.

Organic Beauty Products are Better for You

The FDA does little to no regulation of beauty products so companies can put almost anything into them. This means you might be getting dangerous chemicals, known skin irritants and other fillers which can irritate your skin. Natural and organic products won’t have these harmful chemicals, so your skin will be healthier. Plus, you won’t be ingesting anything bad, so they are healthier for your whole self. The skin is the largest organ, so we want to be sure to put the healthiest thing on them to avoid chemicals and other artificial ingredients.

Organic Beauty Products Don’t Contain Synthetic Fragrances

The odd thing about conventional beauty products is that they don’t have to release the ingredients in their fragrances because they are trade secrets, according to the FDA. Thus, there is no way to know what they are putting into their products to create those fragrances. Organic and natural products generally don’t have fragrances, only natural ingredients that give them specific scents.

Are you an organic beauty product user?

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