7 Unexpected Baby Oil Beauty Hacks You Need to Try

Baby oil is a total multi-tasker. I just realized it the other day. While I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet, I noticed I had a whole bottle. Since my babies don’t need it anymore, and I haven’t used it to tan since I was an idiot in HS, I figured there must be other uses for it. Sure enough! There are tons of baby oil beauty hacks that are completely unexpected. Here are the 7 that surprised me the most.

7 Unexpected Baby Oil Beauty Hacks

1. Moisturize your Cuticles

I have the worst habit of picking at my cuticles, especially when they are super dry. Using baby oil on your cuticles moisturizes them and keeps them in the best shape.

2. Make a DIY Body Scrub

I made this lemon and ginger scrub a couple years ago but I used olive oil. I recently tried it with baby oil and it works just as well! Making your own body scrub is as easy as combining oil and sugar — you can add extra ingredients for scent and other skin benefits.

3. Soften Rough Feet

Do you have tough heels or feet? Use body oil to soften calluses and other roughness.

4. Remove Eye Makeup

Probably the most shocking of all the baby oil beauty hacks was just how well it works to remove eye makeup. I tested it on my hand first, just to see. Wow! I can’t believe how well it removed my mascara.

5. Create a Luxurious Bath

By adding a just a few drops of baby oil, you can create a luxurious and moisturizing bath!

6. Use Baby Oil to Shave

Instead of shaving cream, add a little baby oil on your legs before you shave. Not only does it make a great lubricant for shaving, it also with moisturize your legs in the process.

7. Tame Split Ends

You don’t need fancy hair oils to tame split ends. Baby oil works just as well for flyaways and split ends.

I hope you found these baby oil beauty hacks as useful and creative as I did. Do you have other baby oil beauty hacks I didn’t include? I’d love to hear about them!

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