How to Get 3 Outfits out of Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans

I’ve noticed this spring that a lot of the styles I liked in the 90s are coming back. Shell toe sneakers, embroidered jeans and jean jackets, patches on jackets and backpacks. I guess I’m at that age where the trends I liked as a kid or teen are cool again. Man, that makes me feel old.

But rather than wallow in my feeling old-ness, I’m embracing some of these reemerging trends. I actually started rocking shell toe sneakers again after seeing them all over Europe last summer. When I was a teenager, I literally had 4 pairs, each with different colored stripes. I’m also really loving the patches on jackets trend, but I haven’t found the perfect jacket just yet. Probably my favorite trend is embroidered boyfriend jeans.

I love these embroidered boyfriend jeans for a couple reasons. First, they are super comfortable. They have that totally broken-in look and feel. Also, the price point is completely affordable, at just a bit over $50. This is actually the first pair of boyfriend jeans I’ve owned because I always thought they looked sloppy on me. These STS jeans (c/o) totally proved me wrong. Finally, I love how versatile they are. I can wear them so many unexpected ways. I don’t just have to wear them on the weekends. Depending on your office, you might be able to pull them off at work and definitely for a night out.

Here’s my take on 3 ways to style embroidered boyfriend jeans. Which look do you like best?

The Weekend

{Stacey’s Look: STS Jeans; Sweatshirt (similar); T-shirt (similar); Esperos Tote (c/o); Adidas All Stars (custom, make your own here)}

Night Out

{Stacey’s Look: STS Jeans; Banana Republic Top; Jason Wu Heels (similar); Jerome Dreyfuss Purse}

Wear to Work

{Stacey’s Look: STS Jeans; Ann Taylor Blouse; Anthropologie Jacket (similar); Chloe Purse; Prada Heels (similar)}

Do you own any embroidered pieces for spring? If you own boyfriend jeans, have you tried wearing them in different ways besides casually? If not, you should definitely give it a try, and I’d love to hear what you think of my looks!

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