How to Find the Best Cute Affordable Bras in Your Size

I never really took my bra shopping very seriously until a recent tweet I sent got a lot of attention. Well, a lot of attention as my Twitter account goes. Finding the best affordable bras is a major challenge for a lot of women.

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Women commented how difficult it was to find affordable bras that are cute and fit their sizing needs. A lot of women said they just couldn’t afford to replace their bras every 3 to 6 months because they were just too expensive, especially for the women who wear specialty sizes.

After seeing their comments, I thought there must be options out there to find the best affordable bras in a wide range of sizes and styles. Well, guess what? There are! In the process of researching this story, I actually found a lot of great options for buying quality bras at affordable prices and they’re even really cute bras too!

If you don’t take your bras very seriously, it’s about time you do. Having a good bra is so important. It instantly lifts and improves your shape so you will look better in clothes AND feel better about yourself. A good bra really can do those things for you.

6 Tips For Bra Shopping and Care

1. How to Find Your Bra Size

When’s the last time you measured yourself to determine what size bra you should buy? I bet you’ve been wearing the same size for years without giving it another thought. If you’re going to order a bra online, you should definitely use a size guide to get your proper measurements. I used this size guide and the bras I ordered were the perfect fit.

2. Which Bra Style is Right for You?

If you’ve ever tried to shop for bras in the stores or online, you know there are a lot of options. There’s demi, plunge, push up, bralette, seamless, racerback, full coverage, oh my. With so many options, I know it can feel overwhelming. My best advice is to try them all! I know, I know, that’s time-consuming and annoying. BUT, if you take the time to try all the different styles, you’ll ultimately be able to find the best style bra for you.  I personally love plunge and push-up styles on my body, whereas triangle and balconette styles just don’t work very well on me. Here’s a video that includes a great bra style guide.

3. Which Bra Material is Best?

The type of material you choose is a personal decision. I love how lace bras look, however, I hate how they look underneath my clothes. They look all lumpy and bumpy. I prefer cotton or silky materials on my bras because they give a smoother silhouette under my clothes. A set I got recently actually incorporates both a smooth silhouette, but lace in the back so I got a touch of both. Just like with fit and style of bra, I would suggest you try all of the different material options to see what works best with you. As another option, you might opt to own a lacy bra for evenings to wear out, and wear a more classic cotton bra under your t-shirt or work clothes. Just like shoes and handbags, one bra won’t work for every occasion.

4. Where to Find Affordable Bras Online

There are affordable options for buying bras online. My current favorite place to buy bras online is Adore Me. They offer really affordable bra and panty sets. You can even save more money if you become a VIP. Plus, they often have other promotions to save more money. Right now, they are offering buy two, get one set free.

5. How to Care for Your Bras

Have you ever wondered how to care for your lingerie? Well, if you wash them properly, they will last a lot longer. I’ve made the mistake in the past of throwing them in the washing machine with my other clothes and the straps got all tangled and stretch out. Plus, the material started to pill. Big mistake. It’s really essential that you wash your bras and lingerie by hand. Here is a step-by-step guide and also a video showing you how to care for your bras and lingerie.

6. When to Replace Your Bras

If you wear the same bra every day, you should replace it in 3-6 months. It is time to replace it, especially once the elastic has lost its elasticity. If you have to keep tightening the straps and the back, that probably means it’s out of shape and you’ve worn it out. However, if you rotate your bras, you might be able to keep one for a year or more, assuming you’re only wearing it every other day or every third day.

I hope my six tips help you find the best affordable bras to fit your lifestyle. Every woman deserves to find a cute and affordable bra in her size that makes her feel good about herself. I really hope these tips help you find yours.

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