The 4 Daring Spring 2017 Makeup Trends You Need to Try Now

Who’s ready for spring? Me! I’ve been in a bit of a makeup rut. I mean, I absolutely love the products I use every day, but I’m ready to shake it up. That’s why I’m so excited about the spring 2017 makeup trends. Honestly, I’m usually pretty boring with my makeup. I do wear color, but it’s usually pretty subtle. I’ll throw on a bold lipstick every now and then, but usually, I stick with subtle color on my lips, pinks or browns on my eyes, and a little coral blush on my cheeks. Since so many of the spring 2017 makeup trends are bold, I’m dying to give them a try. Here are the top 4 makeup trends for spring 2017.

Go Wild with Pink Blush

You’d better break out your blush brushes. For spring, blush is back in a big and bold way. Nearly all of the spring runways showed a lot of blush. At some shows, it was super bold (see Kenzo) and at others, it was more subtle (Chanel). Either way, pink blush is where it’s at for spring. Don’t be shy about applying blush from your cheeks all the way to your temples. You can leave subtlety at the door. Here are a few of my current favorite blush palettes that I’m dying to try.
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Dior | Yves Saint Laurent | Bobby Brown

Wear Bold Lipstick

Red lipstick is always in fashion, and spring 2017 is no exception. So many of the shows featured bright red lipstick. Many of them also had a pinky or orangy undertone. So don’t be afraid to wear your bright lips right through winter into spring. I couldn’t choose just one color so here are some of the lipstick palettes that give you lots of color options so you can mix your own perfect shade of bright red or red-pink just like on the runways.
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Smashbox  | Tarte  | Clinique

Use a Highlighter

Highlighted skin was another major trend for spring 2017. There is nothing better than glowy, shiny, healthy-looking skin, and that’s exactly what highlighter delivers. Highlighter instantly makes your skin look fresh and younger. That dewy look creates a youthful feel and look to your skin. There are tons of highlighters on the market so you’ll have to know what works best for your skin. Here are some of the ones I’m dying to try.
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Nars | Hourglass | Charlotte Tilbury

Add Pops of Color on the Eyes

Major pops of color – purple (Louis Vuitton), blue (Victoria Beckham), yellow (Sportmax) and more –showed up on the spring 2017 runways. Honestly, I can’t really imagine wearing these colors to work, but I can definitely imagine trying them out for a night out on the town with my friends or even a date night with my hubby. You basically can’t add too much color to your eyes for spring 2017. The more and brighter the color, the better. Here are some of the neat eyeshadow palettes I’d love to try to create some of these bold looks.
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Smashbox| Chanel | Mac

So what do you think of the Spring 2017 makeup trends?


  1. I have always been a subtle make up girl but I got two new bright blushes today I can’t wait to try out! I also love the glowing look! I have a highlighter I’m planning to buy next!!

    1. Which blushes and highlighter? I always love trying out new products!

  2. I’ll definitely gravitate towards highlight however I am willing to give the ball to live a try again. I’ve tried this trend before but I don’t know why it makes me feel like my mouth looks bigger than what it already looks haha

  3. I’m all for bold lips and a good highlighter. These are trends I can totally get behind!

    Stephanie //

    1. What highlighter do you use? I need to find a good one.

  4. I’m digging this subtle “no-makeup-makeup” look, but I think it would look so good with one of these trends. I think if they are all worn separately, it would look absolutely incredible. Especially the natural skin with the dewy highlight and a bold lip

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  5. Although I don’t use colorful makeup I love to keep myself updated with what’s hot and not and it’s funny how makeup correlates with what’s hot in fashion too! Thanks for the insight! 🙂

  6. bellebylaurelle says:

    I’m so ready for spring too!! And I love many of the products you featured! YSL and Dior are favs of mine! Thanks for sharing these great spring ideas!

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