How to Rock a Printed Pencil Skirt When You’re a Curvy Girl

If you’re a curvy girl, you might think you can’t wear a printed skirt. Up until last year, I was sure I couldn’t (or shouldn’t) wear printed skirts. I thought my hips were too wide and that they looked terrible on me. Then, I tried a floral printed pencil skirt and it finally worked.

Honestly, I still think printed skirts and pencil skirts can be tricky for curvy girls, but I’m no longer afraid to try them on. You won’t know if something works on your body unless you try it. I decided to jump right in. On nearly every shopping trip, I’ll stretch out of my comfort zone and try on pencil skirts and printed skirts, just to see if they work.

A lot of people think they can’t wear prints on their lower half because it accentuates too much. If you’re big on the bottom, you’ll look even bigger with a print. That’s just not true all of the time. If you’re interested in trying out pencil skirts or printed skirts, here are my 3 style tip:

1. Choose a Printed Pencil Skirt in a Dark Color

Even if the print is vibrant, make sure the overall color of the skirt is dark. I opt for navy, black, or other darker colors because they are slimming, regardless of the print on top.

{Stacey’s Look: LOFT Skirt (similar) , LOFT Sweater, Ann Taylor Lace Top; Donald J. Pliner Bootiess; Wolford Tights; Lanvin Purse (similar)}

2. Pay Attention to the Print Size

Speaking of the print, you will need to try larger or smaller prints, uniform or not uniform prints to determine what looks best on you. For example, a small polka dot print almost acts like a neutral. It’s a print, but it is much more subtle than a large floral print, for example.

If you are petite, I would suggest sticking with smaller prints. If you’re tall, you can probably pull off larger prints. Don’t be afraid to try lots of different prints to determine what looks best on you. I never thought I could wear printed pants, but then I found these black and white ones. I assumed they would add width to my bottom, but they are surprisingly very flattering.

3. Layer with a Flowy Top, Blazer, or Cardigan

If you need to hide a tummy or a wide backside, using a flowy top, cardigan or blazer is a great way to camouflage the thing you don’t like. With my printed skirt look, I added a loose-fitting top and a cardigan to hide my tummy and draw attention away from my wide hips.

I hope these tips help you expand your wardrobe! What other curvy girl frame fitting problems do you think I should talk about?


  1. Marie Hegwood says:

    Um…you aren’t a curvy girl…so sorry to say, but nice tips for those of use who really are.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Marie! I am curvy but I suppose your definition of curvy might be different than mine.

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