How to Get an Hourglass Figure with A-Line Dresses

a-line dressesYou know when you find a dress and you’re like, I need this? Yeah, that’s how I feel about this black floral silk dress. I previously owned a short sleeve dress that looked very similar to this one, but over the years, I wore it out. I was extra excited when I spotted this dress because I just knew it was for me.

how-to-get-an-hourglass-figure-with-a-line-dresses-03This dress is perfect because it has a defined seam at the waist and the skirt floats away from my body. It accentuates all of the right places, giving me that true hourglass shape. Even if you don’t naturally have an hourglass figure, this style of dress can help give you that shape. Here’s what you should look for.

{Stacey’s Look: LOFT dress; Chanel purse; Kate Spade heels (similar); Banana Republic earrings (similar)}

How to Find the Perfect A-Line Dresses

A Band at the Waist

how-to-get-an-hourglass-figure-with-a-line-dresses-04This dress creates an hourglass figure almost instantly because the waist is tapered in and there is a band at the waist. A belt also gives the same definition as a sewn-in band. If you have a dress that doesn’t already have a waist built-in, you can add a belt or even a sash to get the same look.

An A-Line or Flared Bottom

how-to-get-an-hourglass-figure-with-a-line-dresses-06To create an hourglass look, you need the belt/banded waist and you need a skirt that floats away from the body. Look for either an A-line skirt, which just means a dress that looks like a shape of an A when you lay it flat. You could also look for a dress that bells out at the bottom, which means it might be a bit tighter on the hips but then has a flare at the bottom of the hemline, which ultimately gives you the same hourglass shape.

A Dress with Sleeves

how-to-get-an-hourglass-figure-with-a-line-dresses-05I personally think the best dress to create an hourglass figure will have either cap sleeves or ¾ length sleeves. The reason I prefer sleeves to create this hourglass look is because the sleeves help to balance out the body. If you have slimmer shoulders or skinny arms, you can’t get the hourglass look if you don’t have sleeves. I have fairly broad shoulders, so I can achieve the hourglass look with sleeveless dresses, but I do think sleeves are more flattering. They help to create more balance, especially if you have a fuller chest.

Here are some of my current favorite a-line dresses that are sure to create an hourglass figure.
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