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How to Make an Easy DIY Glitter Washi Tape Pumpkin Craft

how-to-make-an-easy-diy-glitter-washi-tape-pumpkin-craft-03Fall is my favorite season and I love Halloween. Honestly, I’m not much for decorating, though. Don’t get me wrong, I like Halloween and fall decorations, but I generally only focus on Christmas decorating. This year, I thought it would be fun to create a simple fall-focused craft. So, I came up with this easy DIY glitter washi tape pumpkins craft. I used glitter washi tape you can find in the craft section.

how-to-make-an-easy-diy-glitter-washi-tape-pumpkin-craft-01This craft is so simple. If you’re not that crafty, I promise this craft is for you because you literally can’t fail! To create these glitter washi tape pumpkins, you only need four things. First, you can choose any glitter tape you want. I used glitter washi tape you can find in the craft section. Next, find some little pumpkins or gourds. Any shape or color will do. Use whatever you like best! The only other items you need are scissors and a metallic or black sharpie for the stem.

how-to-make-an-easy-diy-glitter-washi-tape-pumpkin-craft-02If you want to create your own glitter washi tape pumpkins, follow these easy steps.

Simple DIY Glitter Washi Tape Pumpkin Craft

how-to-make-an-easy-diy-glitter-washi-tape-pumpkin-craft-04You Will Need:

Glitter Washi Tape in fun colors (I used these, but you can use any brand or type of washi tape you want)
Metallic Marker (I used these, but any color will work)
Mini pumpkins or gourds


Make sure to clean your pumpkins thoroughly to remove any dirt. This will ensure your tape sticks well.

Next, start the tape at the top of the pumpkin, as close to the stem as you can get. Wrap the tape vertically down the side of the pumpkin until you get to the bottom middle. Cut the tape.

Start again at the top near the stem, overlapping the tape just slightly as you place the tape on the side of the pumpkin and once again cut it off at the middle bottom. Continue overlapping the tape vertically from the stem to the bottom middle until the entire pumpkin is covered.

Once the pumpkin is completely covered, use a marker to color the stem. I used a silver marker because it worked so well with the glitter metallic tape. You could easily use any other color from black to white to green. The metallic marker is great because it gives the entire pumpkin a modern look, but you could definitely use what you have on hand.

I hope you try out this simple DIY glitter washi tape pumpkin craft. It is super easy to do and the little glittery pumpkins are so darn cute! They make a perfect centerpiece on a coffee table or sitting on top of your mantel. I love these pumpkins because of how modern and chic they look. Also, I like that the colors are not standard pumpkin colors; I think it’s a fun take on Halloween and fall decorating.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsTYDHtJjD4&feature=youtu.be&w=850]

What do you think? How do you like to decorate your pumpkins?

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