Here are the 10 Coolest Doors in Paris

cool-doors-in-paris-05On my recent trip to Paris, what I noticed most was the architecture. I couldn’t help but notice all of the cool doors in Paris. There is just something about the historical feeling, the intricate details, and the varying shapes and colors of the doors that really struck me.

doors in parisUnlike the first two times I went to Paris, this trip we stayed in a very non-touristy area. It was grungier than I remembered. It also had a lot of hidden beauty when I looked closely. I didn’t have a lot of free time on the trip, but when I did

cool-doors-in-paris-03I didn’t have a lot of free time on the trip. When I did, I took the time to search for the hidden architectural gems sprinkled throughout the city.

Not only were the doors really beautiful with so many different colors, the arches around the doors often had really unique architecture and accent sculptures.

cool-doors-in-paris-06I also found several doors with really interesting and unique knockers. One door had two swan heads, another had a dog. I realize Paris is an old city, but I love that these historical touches still exist all over the city, despite the metropolitan feeling.

cool-doors-in-paris-01This trip to Paris was unlike the other times because of staying in a non-touristy area. I was able to photograph all of the cool doors in Paris without having to dodge tourists. I also was within walking distance of at least a dozen really amazing bakeries, little parks, and so many cute shops I’d never seen before.

cool-doors-in-paris-04The downside of being away from the main tourist attractions is the fact that we had to take the train everywhere. Luckily, everything is within a 15-30 minute train ride. Getting to experience the real, non-touristy Paris was a really neat opportunity. It felt really special to be amongst actual Parisians to see the real side of Paris was a cool experience.


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