3 Reasons a Floppy Sun Hat is the Best Accessory

floppy sun hat 2There is no better summer accessory than a floppy sun hat. There are three major reasons why I believe every summer wardrobe should be centered around floppy sun hats.

floppy sun hat 41. Provides Sun Protection

The number one reason I started buying and wearing sun hats is because I need the sun protection. I live in one of the sunniest places in the country, so I’m constantly exposed to the sun. Although I love spending time outdoors, I don’t want to see more wrinkles or age spots, so I always wear a floppy sun hat if I’m going to be outside for any length of time.

floppy sun hat2. No Hair Styling Required

On my recent trip to London and Paris, I texted my husband that I wished I had brought some sun hats with me. Why? Because summer in a lot of places means humidity, and my hair does not work well with humidity (envision frizz and craziness). Wearing a floppy hat in the summer makes sense for your hair because you can throw on a hat straight out of the pool or while on the beach so you don’t have to worry about styling it. Also, the sun and water of the summer can be super harsh on your hair, so rather than styling it every day, why not try a floppy sun hat?

floppy sun hat 53. Gives a Stylish and Beachy Vibe

The first two reasons to wear a hat are practical, but I also think sun hats just look cute! They are so stylish for summer and go well with so many things. You can wear a sun hat with almost anything in your wardrobe. I chose to pair mine with colored jeans and a blouse, but you could easily wear this same hat with shorts and a t-shirt, or a casual summer dress, or your favorite swimsuit.

floppy-sun-hat-07{Stacey’s Look: Merona Hat; LOFT Jeans; Banana Republic Blouse (similar); Banana Republic Sandals (similar); Vintage Bracelet (similar)}

If you’re looking for sun hats this summer, check out some of my favorite finds, all under $25!

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