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10 Favorite Food and Family Blog Posts of 2015

food and family blogI started Posh In Progress about 8 months after my first child, Rocco, was born. I told my husband I wanted to maintain my sense of self, and blogging was a way for me to express myself outside of the daily tasks of motherhood.

Although there are times when my blog does allow me to escape and focus on the more frivolous things I enjoy, like fashion and beauty stories, when I look back at all my 2015 blog posts, the ones I love the most focus on my family—past and present.

Here are my 10 favorite food and family blog posts of 2015.

10. DIY Living Room Gallery Wall


9. Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti


8. Saying Goodbye to My Childhood Home


7. Asparagus Farro Risotto


6. Do I Believe in Spirits?


5. 10 Things I Miss About Life Before Kids

10 things I miss about life before kids

4. Ellis Island History: My Grandparents


3. 9 Things I Want My Children to Know


2. Phish Food Brownies


1. Gigi’s First Birthday


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