Let’s Discuss: Social Media vs Reality

social-media-vs-realityHow many of you purposely leave the house with deodorant stains on your shirt…with your dress tucked into your tights…with toilet paper stuck to your shoes?

I mean, who purposely airs their dirty laundry (not named Kardashian)? Even reality TV shows are not reality.

My point is, social media is no different. Of COURSE people only show the glamorous, beautiful, flawless, selfie-worthy aspects of their lives (except, have you seen these on Pinterest?).

I began thinking about this whole – social media vs. reality – commentary after reading and seeing recent stories of social media backlash.

It all began with an Instagram-famous teenage model complaining about having to appear perfect on social media. This commentary on social media vs. reality has gone viral and trickled down to some of my favorite bloggers chiming in with their own takes on social media vs. real life.

I can totally understand if the above “Insta-famous” model is tired of trying to portray this false reality, having to look a certain way to elicit a specific number of likes on her account to keep companies happy.  I definitely can understand being tired of keeping up a certain standard and look on your account. But is this really viral newsworthy?

I have nowhere the type of presence on social media, so perhaps it is hard for me to relate. As someone who has been blogging for over two years, I do know there are times where I get tired of reshooting a modeling post or remaking a recipe because the first photos didn’t turn out. I definitely get annoyed with having to restyle things that didn’t turn out the first time.

But I never once assumed that you smart and lovely people who read this blog or follow me on social media would think I lead a perfect life. Of course, I don’t. I’m not going to show you all of the horrible pictures we’ve shot over the years, why wouldn’t I put my best self forward to the world? Just like I take a shower, put on makeup and dress nicely for work, I try to present the best version of myself (most days) and social media is no different.

Do you get wrapped up in the seemingly perfect world of social media? Do you feel pressure to present yourself a certain way on your social media sites?

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