Fall Booties Under $50

2015-fall booties under $50I generally don’t advocate for buying inexpensive footwear because I believe shoes (and purses) should be quality investment pieces that will last you for years. But there are exceptions to my rule. The exceptions are 1) you can’t afford the quality pair you are eyeing, but you still want a cute new item for fall; 2) you want to try out a new trend, but don’t want to pay too much because you aren’t sure you’ll wear it or think the style might only be cool this season.

When I’m faced with one of these exceptions, then I’m down for paying less, which is why I’ve pulled stylish fall booties under $50. To be honest, I was rather shocked at how many great pairs I found under $50. I originally planned to do this story around booties under $100, but I found so many great options under $50 that I wanted to share them to show how affordable and fun fashion can be even at low price points.

Which pair do you like best?

a. Adriana™ – $35
b. Forever 21 – $39
c. Soda – $35
d. Bamboo – $37
e. Wet Seal – $40
f. Wild Diva – $41
g. Karen Scott – $45
h. A.N.A. A.N.A Ryder – $48
i. Qupid – $48
j. Not Rated  – $48
k. Mark – $50
l. New York Transit  – $49


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