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8 Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

leftover halloween candy

My husband and I don’t eat very much candy. Our kids don’t eat much candy either — not just because we limit it, but mostly because they don’t like it. Crazy, right? This lack of candy-eating means that trick-or-treating yields a ton of leftover Halloween candy that we don’t really want around the house.

Are you stuck with a bunch of left-over candy you don’t want to eat? Here are 8 ideas for what to do with leftover Halloween candy.

1. Freeze It

Store it in the freezer until you have a need for it, or enjoy a single piece every night as a treat. You could also add frozen chocolates to ice cream sundaes or milk shakes.

2. Bake With It

Just think, you can make cookies, brownies, blondies, bread, and cake with all these delicious candies. Here is a list of some recipe ideas: snickers brownies; monster cookies; blondies; pie.

3. Make Trail Mix

Especially if you have individual chocolates like M&Ms or Raisinettes, or even little smarties, you can make homemade trail mix. The great thing about trail mix is that almost anything goes – add nuts, cereals, dried fruits, chocolates, you name it. Here is a simple recipe, and then use your imagination!

4. Teach Your Kids with It

You can use candy for counting games, art projects or science experiments. Here are some fun ideas: candy corn turkey; sink or float; dissolving M&Ms; candy corn counting.

5. Use It on Your Gingerbread House

If you like to decorate gingerbread houses, leftover candy is perfect to add some color and uniqueness to your creation. Here is a printable recipe template to make your own gingerbread house this year.

6. Bring It to Work

Depending on your office culture, you may be the hero or the enemy if you bring in sweets. When I bring in treats, my co-workers are equal parts happy and annoyed. Everyone loves having a treat during the slumps in the work day, but if they are watching their weight, they sometimes groan that I’m a temptress. Better they eat it than me.

7. Add It to Your Advent Calendar

Save 24 pieces to add to your annual advent calendar. If you don’t already have one, here are a few cute DIY versions. (Christmas Street; Geometric Boxes; Toilet Paper Roll Bird House)

8. Donate It

Some nonprofit organizations, like Operation Shoebox, will take unopened Halloween candy to send to the troops. Homeless and food shelters will often accept wrapped Halloween candy as well.

What did I miss? Besides eating it, what do you do with your leftover Halloween candy?

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