Slip Dress Trend

slip dress trendI’ve been on the fence about the slip dress trend. It reminds me so much of ’90s grunge that I just wasn’t sure it was a trend that should come back around. Whether you like it or not, the slip dress trend is back in a big way.

It works super well if you’re flat chested and ultra thin, but what about us curvy girls? My biggest reservation about this trend is that it is difficult to pull off if you’re not a stick figure. Well, I did some research and found some interesting ways to style the slip dress so it can work even if you aren’t a size 2.

I love this article with slip dresses 3 ways, and this article that shows other interesting ways to style a slip dress. One of my favorite ways to style a slip dress is to wear a short slip dress over denim cutoffs, like a flowy tunic. I also like when people pair a blazer or chunky sweater over a slip dress. This styling works well for larger chested girls or people who want a bit more coverage up top.

If you’re on the fence, like I was, check out some of my current favorite slip dresses. There are just so many great options at every price point, it’s worth it to give the slip dress trend a shot.

1. Alice + Olivia
2. Nasty Gal
3. Free People
4. Amuse Society
5. Lulu*s
6. Urban Outfitters
7. BDG
8. One Teaspoon
9. Lush


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