Discovering the Picacho Peak Poppies

picacho-peak-poppies-013Jade heard on NPR that the poppies were going to be in full bloom this past weekend because of all the rain and warmer temperatures we’ve had this spring. So, we took a quick road trip to see the Pichacho Peak poppies on Saturday.

picacho-peak-poppies-001We’ve never been down to Picacho Peak State Park. Since it’s only a quick hour drive on the 10 toward Tucson, we packed up the kids and headed down first thing Saturday morning.

picacho-peak-poppies-002Before we arrived, we imagined we’d see a crowded field of yellow poppies, but what we found was a little more sparse.

picacho-peak-poppies-004Jade, annoyed with the whining and crying babies in the back, was ready to turn around almost as soon as we got there. He was underwhelmed with the widely spaced patches of golden poppies.

picacho-peak-poppies-008I, on the other hand, was determined to explore and find the beauty. Unlike Jade, I found the beauty right away. But I love nature.

picacho-peak-poppies-007Maybe it’s because I’m from a small town and I used to have empty, rolling fields next to my house where I would explore for hours, playing with little toads and caterpillars.

picacho-peak-poppies-006Or maybe it’s because my husband is a true city boy that he just doesn’t quite get the whole nature thing.

picacho-peak-poppies-009Either way, I found our trip to see the Picacho Peak poppies really enjoyable. I only wish I had a bit more time to hike around and explore. The kiddos were getting cranky, so we had to cut the trip a bit short.

picacho-peak-poppies-003If you’re ever in Phoenix or Tucson when the poppies are in bloom, I’d highly suggest you make the quick trip to see them. For those of you into hiking, I think the Picacho Peak State Park would be worth your while for some really fabulous views of the Sonoran desert.


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