Trend Sight: Chunky Knit Sweaters

chunky-knit-sweaters-mainYou’re thinking, “wow, so original, knits for fall”. But I’m not talking about your favorite go-to cashmere sweater, I’m talking about every kind of knit you can imagine—oversized, with extreme turtle necks, chunky, and with prints. No knit is forgotten this fall, but chunky knit sweaters are definitely a must-have fashion trend.

This fall, it’s all about the chunky knits and oversized, baggy sweaters. No matter your body shape, you can wear chunky knit sweaters, but proportions are key.

If you are slim, you can definitely do the baggier look. If you are tall and slim, the chunky knit and baggy look was made for you. Slim and petite ladies can also pull it off, as long as they find the right proportions so they don’t look like they are drowning in their sweaters. If you are petite, just opt for sweaters that hit at or just below your waist. If the sweater hits too low on your hips, your legs will look even shorter.

If you’re curvier, like me, I suggest sticking to lighter weigh materials and make sure they’re not too baggy. Baggy will just make you look bigger. I do have a few chunky knit sweaters that are very flattering, because I got the proportions right. They aren’t too loose or baggy and they show off my body shape—they fit me well in the shoulders and show off my smaller waist.

As for turtlenecks, they look best on people with shorter torsos, longer necks and smaller chests, as a general rule. Turtlenecks are usually a no-no for large chested women. They just make your chest look bigger—unless that’s what you’re going for, but I wouldn’t suggest it.

I even own a few turtlenecks, which I would generally avoid because they make my long torso even longer. But even turtlenecks can work on me if I choose the right material weight and fit (generally, light weight and form fitting, for me).

After a lot of trial and error over the years, I’ve found I personally look best in v-necks, cardigans, and lighter knits. V-necks and cardigans break up my broad shoulders and long torso. Since I’m tall and curvy, I look best in lighter knits that are form fitting. They show off my shape without adding bulk I don’t need.

You can wear this fall’s chunky knit sweaters, you just have to try and see what looks best on you. As for this fall’s chunky knit sweater trend, here are 10 sweaters I’m loving right now.

Chunky Knit Sweaters

  1. Antonio Marras
  2. Temperley London
  3. Faith Connexion
  4. Stella McCartney
  5. Toga Pulla
  6. Givenchy
  7. Helmut Lang
  8. J Brand
  9. Thom Browne
  10. Pinko

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