Toddler Boy Birthday Party Ideas

toddler-boy-birthday-party-ideasRocco’s second birthday is next month, so I’ve been tossing around toddler boy birthday party ideas. For his first birthday, we kept it very basic—with the healthy smash cake as the main event.

Now that he’s more aware of his surroundings and even says a few words, I want to throw him a party he’ll enjoy. He still has no idea what a birthday or birthday party is all about, but if I choose a theme he likes (airplanes, fire trucks, basketballs, etc.), I’m sure he’ll be excited.

After some internet and Pinterest searching, I found so many cute toddler boy birthday party ideas. I still haven’t decided what we’ll do for Rocco’s birthday, but at least I have some really creative and fun ideas to choose from. Here are eight neat party theme ideas for boys (and here are 10 more boy birthday themes) I like.

  1. Basketball Party
  2. Train Party
  3. Monster Party
  4. Outer Space Party
  5. Fire Truck Party
  6. Superman Party
  7. Dinosaur Party
  8. Airplane Party

Which is your favorite? What other toddler boy party ideas do you like?

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