10 Fantastic Boy’s Birthday Ideas

10 Fantastic Boy's Birthday Ideas

Tomorrow is Rocco’s first birthday. We are keeping it cozy and intimate because we are in the middle of yet another move. However, it didn’t stop us from making a wish list. This specific selection was heavily influenced by Rocco’s dad, who thought a lot of the ideas I showed him in the blogosphere were — let’s just say, less than what he would have wanted as a little boy.

Even though I couldn’t execute something lavish, I love these dad-approved  ideas for his future birthdays.

  1. Monster Trucks
  2. Race Cars
  3. Soccer
  4. Post Office
  5. Cookie Monster
  6. Cowboy
  7. Batman
  8. Beach Boys
  9. Construction
  10. Legos

How did you celebrate your child’s first birthday?

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