Eight Fancy Lemonade Recipes

Check out these amazing 8 fancy lemonade recipes

I’ve mentioned my obsession with all things lemon before. During both of my pregnancies, I craved lemonade, which is odd since it’s not a drink I usually choose. Sure, it’s yummy, but I would almost always order an ice tea or diet coke over a lemonade. But while I was pregnant, I drooled over that combination of sweet and tart and couldn’t get enough lemonade.

Lemonade has another thing going for it. It always reminds me of summer. I was a lemonade stand pro. I spent many slow summer afternoons in Wisconsin, sitting out at the curb in front of my two-story colonial, slinging my lemonade for 25 cents a cup. I would count my money over and over until my next customer came (which was probably every 30 minutes, since my neighborhood didn’t have much traffic). I was quite the little entrepreneur.

But lemonade can get boring, so I searched for fancy lemonade recipes. I purposely chose recipes that have a lemonade consistency, not a slushy or thick consistency. Here are the eight fancy lemonade recipes I found from some fabulous food bloggers.

Kiwi Lemonade – Sweet and Savory by Shinee
Peach Raspberry Lemonade – Food n’ Focus
Cherry Pineapple Lemonade – The Kitchen McCabe
Watermelon Lemonade – Love Grows Wild
Rhubarb Lemonade – Noshing with Nolands
Blueberry Lemonade – Damn Delicious
Blackberry Lemonade – Paint Chips and Frosting
Coconut Lavender Lemonade – Confectionalism

Do you have your favorite fancy lemonade recipes? Which one are you going to try first?

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