Practical or Posh? Sequin Midi Skirts

Sequin Midi Skirts

Sequin midi skirts combine two hot fall trends: sequin and midi skirts (I mentioned the sequin trend earlier this week). A midi skirt, if you aren’t familiar, is much longer than knee length, but not full-length either. Midi skirts tend to hit around mid-calf and they can turn frumpy if not paired with the right top and shoes. I like the midi best with a body conscious top and sky-high strappy heals, to balance the full coverage of the skirt.

I ran across Marc Jacob’s Vault collection midi while searching for sequin skirts with New Years Eve in mind. I love the contrast of the tulle hem, velvet waistband and unexpected blue-silver color of the sequins. Since the tulle starts just below the knee, this version gives the length of a midi but the allusion of a shorter skirt, which is perfect for a novice midi-wearer. I was equally struck by Top Shop’s sequin and organza midi in midnight blue with the peek-a-boo organza stripe at the knee, which also breaks up the midi length.

Either skirt would make a welcome addition to your evening wear collection and be a perfect selection for New Years Eve. Just make sure to choose form fitting tops and heels with some height that show off your gorgeous ankles and feet, while helping to balance the longer length skirts.

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