Here Are the Surprising Benefits of a Sweetheart Neckline Sweater

sweetheart neckline sweater
For the past two years, I’ve been living in sweatshirts and sweatpants. I finally bought myself some new jeans and a few sweaters to up my casual game, just a bit. Every now and then, I also need to dress up for work. Although I don’t have to get super dressy, I want to look put together. I recently found these great comfy work pants and also bought a few sweaters, including this cute emerald green sweetheart neckline sweater. I’m such a fan of the fit, so I thought I’d share some of my tips for how to wear this style and also share some of my favorites currently available. If you’re in the market to add some new sweaters to your wardrobe, read on to find out why you should try a sweetheart neck sweater.

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What is a Sweetheart Neckline Top?

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A sweetheart neckline creates the top part of a heart, which is where the name comes from. Sweetheart necklines are very open. They show a lot of skin on your chest and neck, especially the clavicle bones. They also often accentuate the bust. Sometimes, they have boning underneath the bust to mimic a bustier. 

Who Can Wear This Neckline

I personally think anyone can wear a sweetheart neckline. If you have a larger chest, you might need to steer away from any of the tops that have the boning or bust seams built-in. Personally, I find those don’t work so well for me because my chest doesn’t really fit that well. I prefer the sweaters with the sweetheart that don’t have any built-in boning or seams. I actually think these sweaters look extra great on women with smaller chests. No matter your figure, I think you can pull off these sweaters. They are very feminine and they show off a woman’s neck and clavicle, which I think is such a subtly sexy style. 

How to Style a Sweetheart Neckline Sweater

The main styling tip I have for sweetheart neckline sweaters is to wear your hair up or at least half-up. The thing that’s so pretty about a sweetheart neckline sweater is the fact that it shows off your neck and clavicle, so you want to make sure you can see them. I think adding a petite and dainty necklace is a great way to draw even more attention to your upper chest and neck area. You can also add some fun earrings to draw the attention up toward your face.

As for what bottoms to pair with these sweaters, it really depends on where you’re going. These sweaters can be paired with jeans for a casual look, or you can wear black slacks, like I did, for a work look. If you want to go for a casual look, I would suggest pairing these sweaters with some distressed oversized 90’s style jeans, and a pair of chunky boots. I think the large jeans and boots work well with the form-fitting and feminine sweater. It’s a nice juxtaposition between soft and hard. I also think sweetheart neck sweaters look amazing with pencil skirts. It is such a great work look to pair these sweaters with a pencil skirt and classic black pumps. 

I hope these tips help you gain the confidence to try one of these sweaters for yourself. I’m sharing 9 of my favorite sweetheart neck tops below. Are you looking for other winter fashion? Click here.

Sweetheart Neckline Sweaters

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