How to Make This Easy DIY Christmas Candy Jar

christmas candy jar
If you’re looking for a really easy gift idea, you can make this Christmas candy jar in minutes. I made this specifically as a cuter way to give someone a gift card. Instead of just giving them a gift card, I put it inside of the Christmas mason jar so it’s a bit of a gift with a surprise inside. Plus, who doesn’t love some candy?

There are a lot of gift ideas in a mason jar. I’ve seen people make hot chocolate or cookie mixes inside of the mason jars, for example. So if you do this craft, you could use the jar as a Christmas candy jar, or you could do other Christmas crafts in mason jars.

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To make this simple Christmas candy jar, all you need is a mason jar, spray paint (or regular pant), ribbon, glue and a decoration for the top of the jar. I also thought about using my Cricut to print out ‘Merry Christmas’ in one of my glitter papers, but I opted to keep it simple.

Once you have all of your supplies, start by spray painting the lid of the mason jar. Once it’s dry, glue your decoration to the top of the lid. Next, fill the jar with candy, put the lid on it, and tie ribbon around the lid. If your lid is too thin or too big, you could also tie the ribbon around the lip of the jar. 

As I mentioned, I used this Christmas candy jar as a way to give someone a gift card. It felt like a more fun and festive way to give a gift card. No matter how you use it, this easy DIY mason jar craft is a festive way to gift a gift or spruce up your home. I have one of these jars sitting on my mantle. I love the Christmas colors and I don’t mind having a little candy around this time of year either. 

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