This Flowy Black Dress is Perfect for Your Fall Wardrobe

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Shein invited me to try out some of their new Shein X items. Most of the choices feel a lot more avant guarde than how I normally dress. But one of my fashion goals over the last few years is to try new styles that I normally wouldn’t wear. This flowy black dress is an example of a piece I normally wouldn’t wear.

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Flowy dresses don’t always work on me because they tend to make me look larger than I am. I tend to think flowy dresses look best on lean people who have a straight frame. With flowy dresses, my body is mostly hidden, so you only see my arms and legs. I usually opt for more form-fitting items to show off my curvy frame. However, when it comes to wearing flowy dresses, it’s really important to highlight the features you do see. That’s why I think wearing ultra-high heels is a must. High heels create length on the leg so you look much taller and your legs will also look leaner. 

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I also love this flowy black dress because it has fun tie ribbons at the shoulders. And I love the fact that the ribbon says RECKLESS. It’s such a fun juxtaposition against the feminine fit and ruffle of the dress.  

{Stacey’s Look: Dress; Heels (similar); Polish Color: Lip Color}

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If you are looking to find a flowy black dress that is right for you. I’ve pulled some of my favorites at completely affordable prices. If you decide to try a dress, as I did, that is out of your comfort zone, I’m a proponent of buying something more affordable. Although I think it’s great to invest in quality pieces, when it’s something I’m not sure I’m going to like, I try to spend less. If you are looking for affordable flowy black dress options, check out some of my favorite below.

Flowy Black Dresses Under $25

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