Here are Affordable Matching Sweatsuits for Women that I Love

If there is one fashion trend that I absolutely love right now, it’s matching sweatsuits for women. The last time I personally remember sweatsuits being this popular, I was in elementary school. Sure, there’s been periods where Adidas pants or Nike pants are super trendy. I definitely had two pairs of Adidas pants in college that were on constant rotation. But the monochromatic, totally matching sweatsuits I haven’t rocked since I was a little girl.

{Stacey’s Look: Sweatpants; Sweatshirt; Jacket (similar); Sneakers; Sunglasses (similar)}

This is one trend I can definitely get behind. Who doesn’t love to be comfortable at all times? But here’s the thing. You can make the matching sweatsuits for women trend work for you and also look super stylish. It’s super easy to look sloppy or frumpy in a matching sweatsuit set, so it’s important that you make sure to style it correctly.

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I’ve noticed teenage girls are rocking the overly baggy pants with cropped ts or cropped hoodies. That’s definitely one way to do it. If you’re going to wear oversized bottoms (or tops), you have to balance the other part of your body to create the right proportion. I see a lot of girls wearing really baggy sweatshirts too, but then. they always pair them with biker shorts or leggings. It’s not my favorite look, but at least they are creating balance for the over-sized top. 

If you’re going to try a matching sweatsuit look, I personally encourage you to try to find one that is closer fitting to your body. I don’t think overly baggy pieces are very flattering. I prefer a closer fit to show off your figure. As for my look, I actually sized way down in the hoodie so that it would fit more like a cropped sweater. I also tuck in the hoodie (its a thinner material) so you can make out my waist line and create that hourglass shape. 

sweatsuits for women
I chose to top my look with a cropped teddy bear jacket. With baggy pants, I prefer to wear a more cropped jacket and top so that I am accentuating my waistline. A longer coat or sweatshirt would make my body look very bulky and square me off. 

As for shoes and accessories – that’s really up to your personal taste. I chose to wear sneakers since I was playing with my kids in this matching sweatsuit. Depending on the fit and style of your sweatsuit, another style of the shoe could work. I also wore some gold jewelry to add a little more sophistication to this otherwise super casual look.

If you’re looking for matching sweatsuits for women, here are some of my favorites. Looking for other casual clothing ideas, click here.

Matching Sweatsuits for Women 

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