Sikta National Historical Park Was So Cool

One of the coolest things about visiting Sitka Alaska was getting to learn the history of this tiny island. Prior to arriving, I didn’t do much research on the place. I’ve always been a fan of history. When I travel, one of my goals is to really learn about the place and it’s culture. Sitka has a really interesting story, so I was excited to get to learn more about it while visiting the Sitka National Historical Park – also known as Totem Park. 

Totem Park is an important historical site because it preserves the site of a battle between invading Russian traders and indigenous Tlingit people. The park is lined with amazing Tlingit and Haida totem poles. The park is especially gorgeous because of the coastal trails that overlook the water and the gorgeous grand pine trees that line the path. 

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We actually visited Sitka National Historical Park two different times because there are a lot of different totem poles to see and the walking trails are really beautiful. We were lucky enough to see an indigenous man working on carving a new totem pole. He told us he had already been working on it for a couple of months. It was fascinating to see all of the effort required in carving one of those totem poles. The level of detail is truly amazing. 

Sitka National Historical Park was, by far, my favorite experience in Sitka. I loved all of the different nature trails and views I saw while in town. However, the totem poles were my favorite, they are such a beautiful connection between art and culture. If you ever get the chance to visit Sitka, I highly encourage you to check out Totem Park. 

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