Here are 12 Pairs of Raffia Earrings You Will Love

raffia earrings
I can’t believe summer is almost here. My kids still have a couple weeks left of school, but I’m definitely ready for summer to get here. We got a preview last weekend when we spent the day at our local beach. The warmer weather has arrived and each day I’m finding myself wearing more dresses. My clothes shifts completely in the summer and so does my jewelry. I usually love wearing lots of bracelets and necklaces. But, in the summer, I tend to only wear earrings and the rings I never take off. That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite raffia earrings with you today because I think they are the perfect summer statement jewelry.

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raffia earrings 2
I’m not sure how you feel about jewelry in the summer. For me, most jewelry feels just too fussy when it’s hot outside. That’s why I prefer to focus on earrings because they just hang there and don’t add any extra heat. I personally find if I’m sweating, necklaces and bracelets almost feel claustrophobic.

Although my raffia earrings are big, they are actually super lightweight. They are made from raffia, wood and metal, so they are actually really easy to wear and don’t weigh down my ears at all. I also love how the raffia just gives a tropical vibe.

These earrings are also great because they are in such a neutral color. I think they look amazing with neutrals. I usually wear them with white and ivory clothes for a monochromatic feel. Also, I love to wear lighter colors in the summer, as I totally think they are so flattering and cooler than darker colors.

If you’d like to add some rafia earrings to your summer wardrobe, here are some of my very favorites.

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